Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Avengers 6" All-Stars Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man & Hulk

From the well articulated figures to the scarcely articulated ones. I'll get back to the Captain America Marvel Legends soon. For now I'll like to show you some new purchases. The Avengers 6" All Stars figures.

The figures do not come in any packaging. They just have tags attached from their backs.

There are four figures in this first wave. They are rotocast. They stand okay with hands by the side but will fall if their hands are extended out. All except the Hulk that is.

Of the four I like Spider-man the best. He's got a classic look about him. The lines of his costume and logos were sculpted. The paint application is great. 

Captain America is in the Marvel NOW! costume. He looks a little off as he's missing some paint detail. What paint he has was well applied. He has lots of sculpted detail. His shield is of a good size. There's also some sculpted detail on the inside of it. 

Iron Man looks blocky, especially the thighs and legs. The head sculpt is nice though. I like the shade of shiny gold paint and red. He's missing some paint on the back of his suit but I'm not bothered by it as much as with Cap. 

Like Spidey, Hulk has a classic look about him. He's not overly muscular. There's some sculpted veins on his arms and feet. The head sculpt is okay. I think he could use a different facial expression. He looks a little awkward.  That's just a minor issue though. The main issue with him is his height. He's short. 

Articulation. Spidey, Cap and Hulk have neck rotation, peg shoulders and waist rotation. 

Iron Man has neck rotation, peg shoulders and upper torso rotation.

Comparison shots. They stand slightly shorter than their Marvel Legends counterparts.

I think they look decent enough. They'll make nice decoration. I'll probably put them on my desk. With these I have no fear of other people fiddling with them. Lol. Thanks for viewing!


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

huh- never seen... very colorful!

deSMOnd said...

bro..the hulk should be taller and bigger..

LEon said...

agree with Desmond but then again it is just a certain pricing so guess all the same size.

dylanio21 said...

These look dope