Friday, February 28, 2014

LG Pro! LED MS Garage

I'm constantly on the look out for items to enhance my displays or to use as props. This LED MS Garage looked really cool so I got one to see if it could be used with 3.75" scale Iron Man figures.

The packaging is just a simple cardboard box.

Here's the "Garage" out of the box. It's made of plastic. It measures approximately Width: 8cm x Depth: 5.2cm x Height:12.8cm (W:3.15" x D:2.04" x H: 4.72"). It's around 11cm (4.33") from the top to the base where the figure stands. The sides slant inwards slightly. If you put a few of these side by side they'll make a slight curve. The Garage comes in grey or black. I chose the grey one as Iron Man's Armoury is usually grey and dust won't be as noticeable on it.

Here's a close-up of the interior. There's very nice sculpted detail at the back. 

And the same goes for the base.

The Garage has a light up feature. It requires three triple A batteries to operate and they go at the bottom. To turn on the lights, you press the transparent switch located at the base. (see the above pic) Pressing the switch may move the Garage slightly so you might want to secure your figures.

NOTE: The Garage does not come with batteries.

Here's the garage with lights on in darkness. Pretty cool.

Images online show various lines like Kids Logic Plugy and Hot Toys Cosbaby series that work well with the Garage. But the big question for me is if we can use Marvel Universe figures with it. And the answer is... not really. Some Iron Man figures can stand inside but only just. They look pretty good even with the heads nearly touching the top.

Larger suits won't be able to fit. And I'm not even talking about the Hulkbuster Armour.

Just to show you how it looks with different lighting.

Garage light off, taken with flash

Just ceiling light with Garage lights on

Garage lights on in darkness

I tried the Garage with a couple of other lines. I think Star Wars figures will work best with it.

The Garage is a great piece. I might pick up more if budget allows. If only the larger suits like the Mark 42 could fit. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

hi, can i know where did u get this? And what is the cost?

Unknown said...

Can use for gundam?which scale suitable?