Tuesday, September 3, 2013

STGCC 2013 Part 4: The Falcon's Hangar

The Falcon's Hangar brought in a wide variety of toys.  Here's what they had.

You've already seen NBA stars. Now for some football stars in ZC World's Manchester United Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney figures. They were available for sale.

And revealed at STGCC was Robin Van Persie! Click images to enlarge.

Also from ZC World are the Mark (Chow Yun Fat) from "A Better Tomorrow" and PTU Tactical Sergeant Sam. 


Sergeant Sam

From Oritoy, the Acid Rain Series.   

From Legend Studio, the upcoming Fever Toys One Piece New World Edition and the new Garfield Series were on display .

Also available were Transformers and FansProject items.

Transformers Generations Metroplex Exclusive

Action Toys Ultimetal Optimus Prime

Kids Logic's Transformers Optimus Prime was on display and it was available for pre-order at STGCC.

You could get the exclusive 3" clear Optimus Prime figure when you pre-ordered.

And here's more from Kids Logic.

Mini Iron Man Earphone Pluggy

Iron Man Egg Attack

And the rest. There's just too many too mention!  

ACI Toys and MC Toys

Phicen  Limited


COO Model and DID

Check back soon! Thanks for viewing!

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