Monday, September 2, 2013

STGCC 2013 Part 1: Hot Toys

There was a massive amount of toys at STGCC this year. Two days were not enough to fully appreciate what was on display, especially with the huge crowds that turned up. I have tons of photos for you, starting with those of Hot Toys.

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The Hot Toys exclusives for this year were:
  • Captain America (Star Spangled Man Version) [The First Avenger]
  • Joe Colton [G.I. Joe Retaliation] 
  • Superman (Evil Version) [Superman III]
  • Iron Man Midas (Mark XXI) [Iron Man 3]

The Iron Man Midas (Mark XXI) was the most sought after of the four and I heard  it was sold out even before the event started. You could still get the other three in the early afternoon on Day 2.

Here's the queue for the exclusives early morning on Day 1. The photo below shows just the queue outside. Inside one of the unused exhibition halls was the main bulk of it. I heard some folks started queuing since early Friday evening. I'm glad I don't collect these anymore.

The highlight from Hot Toys and Action City this year was the life-size Hall of Armor. This was simply awesome! I always look on in envy when I see overseas conventions have these life-size movie displays. It was a fantastic feeling to finally have see something like this at the event!   

At the Hall of Armor were displays of Hot Toys Iron Man figures. The displays were similar to the Iron Man 3 exhibits held earlier this year. I had a lot of toys to cover so I didn't take photos of them. You can follow the above link to see those figures, and also here.

Here's the main Hot Toys booth. 

At the front of the booth was the life-size statue of the Mark XXI Midas. It was displayed for the first time in Singapore!

And here's the figure that's got a lot of people missing sleep over, the Mark XXI Midas.

There were many Iron Man figures on display, more of which you can see in the gallery.

One of the highlights of the Hot Toys booth was the holographic displays. There were two of them. One of them was of Tony Stark and the other of the Mark VII which you see below.

Here's a video of the holographic animation. It shows specifications, interchangeable armor, combat simulation and weaponry.

There were several upcoming figures on display, including Cloud (comic version) from Storm Riders and Eric Draven from the Crow. 


Eric Draven

General Zod from Man of Steel, which was revealed just days before STGCC was also on display.

Here's a sample of what other Hot Toys figures were there.

L-R: ED-209 and Robocop

1/4 scale Dark Knight Rises Batman

1960s Batman and Robin

Lone Ranger and Tonto

T2 T-800 Endoskeleton

Predator 2 City Hunter Predator

G.I.Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow

The autographed boxes of the Avengers were also on display.

Lastly the dioramas of  "The Banishment of Thor" and "Avengers Shwarma". Very cool!

We finally have an idea as to how the Bifrost Bridge works. LOL.

You can view all the images here

Thanks for viewing!

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