Thursday, August 27, 2020

GIJoe Classified Series Baroness with Cobra C.O.I.L

Now racing onto your screen!

Before anyone asks, it's not from retail and I had to fork out quite a bit. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet... I blame Hasbro... Baroness is a key character so why make her a US store exclusive... it just makes things more difficult. Hopefully she'll be released again in a regular wave so more people can get her.    

Okay enough about that, on to the figure. The Baroness looks good. I think she's got a nice head sculpt. She has a mature appearance. I'm glad she does not look too young which artists sometimes make her do in illustrations. I think this is just right. I like her pale complexion. Her glasses were stuck on and are not removable. There's a good amount of detail for her long, straight black hair. It restricts neck articulation though. It may seem that she does not have a neck but it's there. It's just that her suit is dark coloured. She wears quite a bit of armour, some of which have a snake design element to them. Her upper torso looks like a snake head with fangs running down her mid-section. Her left shoulder pad is a snake head. The best part would have to be the textured dark grey areas which look like scales. Very nice! The Cobra logos on her chest and bracers were sculpted. There's also one on her belt which is a separate piece. Her boots are a gloss black which helps differentiate them from her suit.

Some close-ups of her face. They added a gold piece at the corners of her glasses. I would have preferred if they done without it and left the frame all black. And here you can better see the snake head shoulder pad on her left arm and the scaly detail of her suit. Click images to enlarge. 

Accessories. She comes with an alternate helmeted head, two gold pistols, a knife and a cobra shaped weapon of some sort.

The helmeted head looks good. It has some nice detail on it. The visor is shiny and reflective.

I really like the fancy weapons we've been seeing with Cobra. This is another great piece. Ssssshiny. It has the appearance of a solid sculpted piece of metal. It's a range weapon. You can see a tiny barrel sticking out of the cobra's mouth.   

The knife has some good detail on it but it's is not quite as detailed. It has the cobra head extending from the handle. The lines on it are not as distinct. It may be stored in the sheath at her left thigh. The fit is quite loose though and it tends to fall out.   

Now for a look at the Cobra C.O.I.L. Some assembly is required. Okay there's just three parts. One of them being a bike handle which I've already attached. I like to play around with the toy first before taking the pics. That way I can get a feel of how and what I want to photograph. And sometimes I forget to take a pic of some parts... The other things which need attaching are the two guns which peg into the side of the C.O.I.L.     

The C.O.I.L is a motorcycle of sorts. And a heavy duty one at that. It looks rugged and mean. It reminds me of the Cobra STUN. The colours are similar too. Check out the size of the tyres. Those should overcome obstacles easily. And a good thing about the size is that it makes the bike very stable. It can even balance without the stand and with people on it. Which is great for photos. There's great sculpted detail for the various parts. Great paint detail too. I like that they painted the metallic parts and some of the design. The Cobra logos were done very well. The red section at the front is unpainted and is of a brighter tone than at the back. It has a plasticky appearance.  That's about the only gripe I have with the C.O.I.L. The seat is textured and the windshield has a yellowish tint on it. Nice!  

The C.O.I.L has some steering so you can turn the front wheel left and right a bit. The handles are on a ball joint so you can shift them in whatever direction you need for the figure to hold them. Another feature is that the windshield can be moved up a little bit to accommodate the figure. 

Here's how the Baroness looks on the vehicle. With the helmeted head on she's able to look where's she's going properly. That is she's able to look up more.

She cannot look up with the default head and hence can only look at the dashboard.

Male characters may use the C.O.I.L as well. It's just a little squeezy.

There's a raised curved section at the back which looks like a seat. I'm not sure if it's supposed to carry an additional person but you can do so if you like.  

There's still space? Then how about one more. Lol. And how's that for stability. Three figures, no stand and it's still standing. Nice!

The side guns from the Cobra C.O.I.L has a proper grip and it may be held by a figure. I can imagine someone like Roadblock ripping one out and using it. Just be sure to use the appropriate one so the peg is not visible in your pic.

Articulation. She has a ball hinge upper neck, ball joint lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterly joints, swivel hinge elbows, swivel and up and down hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ball waist, ball hips on drop down hinge, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. With the default head she cannot look up due to her hair. Head rotation is also hindered by it. She can look down okay. Head articulation is great with the helmeted head. Her bracers hinders her elbows. They get in the way at the hinge but you can force it down for a little more bend. The elbows can bend a maximum of ninety degrees. She can bend forward a little bit. She can bend backwards significantly more. She has no issues tilting her body to the side.  

Comparison shots.

Great figure! There's a great amount of detail and articulation. I like the Cobra C.O.I.L as well. It has the look and feel of a Cobra vehicle of old. Now to see how to get Beachhead and the Cobra Trooper. Thanks for viewing!


GIJigsaw said...

Awesome set. I like the inclusion of the helmet. Looks fantastic.

J Hernandez said...

Excellent review as always, Jason!

Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

Very nice! I love that motorcycle.And She has lots of cool accessories too!

Jason said...

Thanks all for your kind words!

Unknown said...

Nice and great review. May i know how much did you pay for this set?

Pete said...

Just got this today but am finding the right motorcycle handle bar challenging to attach. Is there a trick to it? The ball part of the ball joint seems too big for the socket it's clearly meant to fit into.

Pete said...

Whoops--never mind. I just kept pushing it in, ignoring my fear of breaking it until it popped into place.