Monday, July 27, 2020

Marvel Legends Series Deluxe War Machine

WMD incoming! By WMD I mean the War Machine Deluxe figure.

A classic War Machine at last! It was well worth the wait as Hasbro really nailed this one. He looks great! I like his size and bulk. This is how War Machine should be, big and heavily armoured. With the top being big though it will sometimes make the legs seem skinny in some poses. The body is new, except for the thighs which are reused from Iron Man. There's nice sculpted detail on his armour, especially on the back. You can make out the various panels and the design. There's also good detail on his gauntlets and lower legs. The shoulder armour is attached on the arms and will not restrict articulation. He has only the one forearm weapon on his right which is accurate. The armour is just black in colour. I would have preferred it to be grey but this works. Shine some light on it and it becomes sort of dark grey. The more I look at it the more I like it actually. The black also contrast very well with the shiny silver areas. His helmet is similar to Iron Man's. The design on top is different and he has a scope on the side. The silver on the face plate has a more metallic look compared to the silver areas of his suit. He has two shoulder cannons. They too have good detail on them.  

The lower legs are awkward from the side view. See how far back the calves are...  And I made sure to put his legs straight. Tell you what though, the knees have a good range of motion with these.     

War Machine is the first figure I've come across with the new "pinless" joints. It looks good! The figures will definitely look better in photos.    

Just to show the shoulder cannons. Each cannon is on a ball joint and they slide up the back for when he needs to use them.   

Accessories. The shoulder cannons you've seen. He also comes he comes with a James Rhodes head, missile launching effects piece, cannon blast effects piece, two small muzzle flashes, two smoke effect pieces, one machine gun effects piece, two thruster effects pieces and two smoke effect bases.

Let's look at the James Rhodes head first. If I'm not wrong this is the look he had around the time he got the War Machine suit. I think he's got a good likeness. He has a stern expression about him. Am a bit annoyed that he's looking up. His hair is unique in the line. He's got square top hair with the shaved streaks at the sides. Both the hair and facial hair is textured. Nice!   

Here's a comparison with the Toy Biz head.

Rhodey has been Iron Man from time to time. The head fits on the Marvel 80th Anniversary Iron Man.

His head is big. It's not going to work out on normal sized bodies.

The best fit I found is on the Netflix Luke Cage body. But he's too big. I think he and Tony are supposed to be around the same height. 

The weapon effects pieces are really cool! I especially like the one with the missiles firing. The smoke portion goes over the barrel so you have smoke covering the barrel as the missiles launch. Then there's the blast trails. Very nice! The blast for his left cannon attaches in the same way. It goes over the barrel giving the blast a more powerful look. The muzzle flashes are the same ones as from the Deadly Origins Black Widow. They peg into the gun on his forearms.

The missiles are removable. Without a blast trail behind it looks a little odd. It'll make for a nice prop. What was Justin Hammer's missile in Iron Man 2 called? Widowmaker? Ex-wife?

The machine gun effect attaches on his forearm guns. It's another effect piece that I really like. Multiple targets? No problem. Or in the following pic's case, overkill! Lol.

The smoke effect pieces are the same ones as from the Deadly Origins (white suit) Black Widow.

The blast off effect pieces are similar to those that came with Iron Man 2020. These have grey painted at the bottom which makes it more realistic. There's usually a lot of smoke when something takes off so this is good. 

The thruster blast pieces peg quite securely to the bottom of his feet.

Articulation. He's got a dumbbell joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up decently. It's insufficient as he cannot look forward enough when flying. He can look down fine and he can tilt his head. He can raise his arms straight up with no issue. Beyond that you'll encounter some resistance. He can fully rotate his arms fully but just be careful at the back portion. The shoulder armour are attached on his arms. They are flexible and he's able to extend his arms out to the sides. His gauntlets restrict the full range of his elbows. The ab crunch only allows one click forward and one click back. Which is not very much. The knees have good range. I feel he should have forearm swivel. In order for him to have his guns above his hand to shoot, he can only do so by turning the bicep. The two pics after the following is what I mean by gun above hand.    

Comparison shots

Great figure! There's good articulation and I love the effects pieces. Thanks for viewing!


J Hernandez said...

Beautiful work, Jason, can't wait to get mine!

Jason said...

Thanks J!

GIJigsaw said...

Awesome. Love the head sculpt.