Monday, March 4, 2019

Star Wars The Black Series Battle Droid

Roger Roger. 

Ah Battle Droids. Love them for their hilarious actions and comments, especially in the cartoons. You know what, think I might go re-watch some Clone Wars later. Lol. Hasbro did a great job with the Battle Droid. The sculpt is good and there's some nice detail on it. The eyes were well done. I like the painted silver on some of the exposed parts. Notably at the arms, mid-section and knees. It's been through quite a bit it seems as it is dirt covered and has quite a number of scrapes on it's body. I find the scrape on his face distracting. It's going to be odd when you line them up together and you see every droid was damaged in the same area. The figure is a little flimsy but manageable. 

Accessories. It comes with a blaster rifle, an antenna piece and a backpack. The backpack I removed from its back in case you're wondering.

The backpack, or should I say control/communications pack has antenna incorporated on them and they may be extended out. This is a very nice touch. For a different type of look there are holes on the Battle Droid's back where you can attach the separate antenna unit. I'm not sure of the different types of Battle Droids so its best you Google that for yourself. Further more the antenna section may be detached from the main body. That is the antenna is not seen. I hope you get what I mean. I personally prefer the Battle Droid with the pack as it adds more bulk to it. 

The blaster rifle is the same one that came with Padme. It belongs to the Battle Droid after all. It has a metallic appearance. The blaster rifle may be pegged onto the backpack like we've seen on screen. Unfortunately it does not quite have the articulation to retrieve it from its back by itself.

The blaster rifle is best held in its right hand. The grip is loose in its left but it can still work.

The Battle Droid has great articulation. It's almost comparable to S.H.Figuarts. It's got a ball joint upper neck, ball hinge lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, forearm swivel, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ball hips, knee hinge, swivel at the upper ankle and ankle hinge and pivot. And also there's a hinge for the piece at the back off its head. There's a bit of pivot for the head. The arms may be spread out quite well. The elbows may bend forward and back. It can only bend forward and arch back just a bit. The torso joint does allow a bit of rotation. It can hardly spread its legs but its okay considering the character. The ankles may be turned about forty-five degrees each side. It is able to be put into its storage position. 

Comparison shots. It's taller than the S.H.Figuarts version. I'm not too sure what their actual height should be but I prefer them taller. They're more imposing that way.

Great figure! It looks good and there's a good amount of articulation. I wonder if they'll release the Super Battle Droid and the Destroyer Droid. Those would be great. Thanks for viewing!

Oh if you're looking out for more Star Wars The Black Series pics, this is the last figure for now. I haven't got the rest yet. 

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GIJigsaw said...

Awesome photos. I never liked the design of the Battle Droid - as you said, too flimsy. Was frustrating to even stand up the 3-3/4 figures back in the day. But glad Hasbro made a six inch figure. They look like fun.