Saturday, July 14, 2018

Marvel Legends Series Sauron BAF

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends Sauron BAF. Sorry about the delay. I would have put this up sooner but I had something on last week. And then I fell ill... I'm much better now so let's resume.

First, the parts list:

Head & Torso - Casual Deadpool
Left Arm - Wolverine
Right Arm - Bishop
Left Leg - Omega Red
Right Leg - Lady Deadpool
Tail - Madcap Deadpool

I can't believe we have Sauron! Out of all the X-men villains he's one of the most unique ones. I mean he's a walking pterodactyl! He's had plenty of run-ins with the X-men and is quite a formidable opponent. He's able to drain the life force of other living things and can hypnotise people, in addition to being able to fly and being very strong. I really have to thank Hasbro for this one!

Now you think a unique character such as him will require a new body. Not quite. The torso reuses that of the Amazing Spider-man movie Lizard. Wow! When was the last time anyone brought that up. I myself had almost forgotten about him until I was handling this figure. I must admit it took me awhile to realise it. I couldn't quite place it initially. The body is fitting. It's textured. It has scaly and bony detail on it. The arms and feet are new, and they too are textured. The loincloth is a separate piece and is removable. It too is textured and has great detail. I especially like the look of the leather like bag and pouches. Very nice! He's got a great head sculpt. I love the scaly and bony detail. I like the way they did the eyes. There's a menacing look about them. He is able to open his beak. Inside, the teeth were sculpted and the gums are textured. He's also got a textured tongue. Great stuff! 

Here's the side view. The wings and tail extend quite some way back.

He has quite an impressive wingspan. I didn't measure it. But to give you a rough idea you can stand two normal sized figures beside him and they'll just about be within his wing. The wings are attached to his arms. There's a swivel near his wrists which is how they extend out. The wings are folded in the above pic. The wings have a waxy appearance and have nice detail on them. They are translucent and you can make out the veins in them. There's also some holes in his wings which make it more realistic.  

The wings may be a problem in the display. What you can do is to remove the outer section and there you go, shorter wings. You know, it's not a bad look for him. He kind of reminds me of a certain caped crusader in the following pic.  

Articulation. He's got a dumbbell joint neck, jaw hinge, a forward and back hinge at the lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ball hinge hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. The tail has a up and down hinge and swivel. He can look up well and is able to cock his head a bit. He cannot look down much. The lower neck joint has limited downward use due to the sculpt. The elbows bend a little more than ninety degrees. The wings may get in the way of some poses. He is able to stand very well.

Comparison shots. I love the size of the figure. I'm not sure where my Amazing Spider-man Lizard figure has gone to. I know I still have it. I'll add in the pic once I find it. 

Great figure! He's one of the more worth it BAFs. I would have liked if he came with a weapon. Perhaps a wooden club. I had the old Toy Biz figure, hence that suggestion. Lol. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

You totally need to pose Sauron with Starlord.. Marvel Jurassic World!

J Hernandez said...

Looolz at that last pic!

GIJigsaw said...

Great figure. I was always a fan of Sauron. Yes - love the last picture.

Jimmy's Customs said...

Love these shots man, so clean!
What camera do you use if you dont mind me asking?