Thursday, April 27, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Premiere Edition Deluxe Decepticon Berserker

Here's a look at the Premiere Edtion Deluxe Berserker which will be available at The Transformers: The Last Knight Midnight Madness Launch happening tonight! Check out the pics. You may just want to pick him up. 

The Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe figures now come in a boxed styled packaging. I would have preferred if they had kept them carded so as to better differentiate the various classes of figures. Carded figures also tend to have eye catching illustrations at the top. The box type for me is a little boring. The style is similar to what we saw with the Age of Extinction packaging. The clear window in front showcases the figure well and around the box you can see images of the character.   

We don't know much about the Decepticon Berserker as yet but from his name and description I think it's best to stay clear of him. 

Here's Berserker out of the package. He looks fearsome and menacing with the horns, "dreadlocks", sharp teeth and claws. The red X on his chest adds to that. I get a tough, warrior vibe from it. Or it could be someone marked him thinking he was a defective bot. Lol! In any case, the X along with the red forearms and claws help add colour to what would otherwise be a dull upper body. Berserker is quite unique for his bird like lower legs. I can imagine them being very strong and crushing objects with his feet. He carries the front of his alt mode on his back. I think it looks okay and it doesn't appear too bulky from the side. One thing which I don't like are the panels on the back of his calves. They stick out and look out of place.

Click images to enlarge.

Here's a close-up of his head. You can better see the multiple eyes he has. I like that there's that bit of metallic gun metal on his forehead and mouth. It helps break up the monotony of his face. There's nice detail on his "dreadlocks". They are flexible and do not interfere with head rotation.  

Accessories. He comes with two spiked weapons which fit snugly in the slots in his hands. I wish his fingers had a hinge so he can grip the weapon and not seem glued to his hands.  

His weapon looks to me like a spear gun of sorts. If you like you can hook it to his finger and have him use it as such. 

You can also hook them on his "shell" so as to store them when not in use.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck which is on a forward and back hinge, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, a bit of ab crunch, ball hips, thigh swivel, knee hinge and forward working calf hinge. He can look up and down decently. The elbows only bend ninety degrees. Due to the nature of his legs, there are not too many nice poses he can take up. 

Transformation. Berserker's transformation is fairly easy, only requiring seventeen steps to convert to vehicle mode. I say fairly easy but it actually takes some fiddling when you're tabbing everything into place. You press one side and the other side untabs. It's pretty annoying. 

Here's a quick look at his transformation process.

Berserker transforms into a SUV. Once you managed to tab all the panels into place, the vehicle mode is solid and compact. All of the bot parts are hidden which is great. I really like the look the SUV. The blue windows and screens goes along very well with the black body. The grey pieces on the sides are an eyesore. I'm certain they could have made them black in colour. The Decepticon symbol were very well painted on the sides and are only visible in this mode. The wheels are able to turn and the SUV can roll very well.

No prizes for guessing the brand of the vehicle. 

There are slots underneath where you can store his weapons. There is enough clearance for them and the SUV is still able to roll well.

The most disappointing thing about the figure is how small the vehicle mode is. It is supposed to be a SUV and as you can see, he is tiny compared to Bumblebee. How I miss the older Deluxe figures.  

The Bot mode is fine. If not for the legs he'll be just as tall as some other deluxe figures.

Berserker is a pretty cool figure. I quite like the bot mode. His alt mode unfortunately is quite disappointing for its size. Thanks for viewing!


Tom Boy said...

Looks like Crankcase from Dark of the Moon

Carlos Costa said...

Nice review dude !
I like Transformers and I follow your job has been some time but it´s a first time that I commented...congratulations...good job !