Friday, February 3, 2017

Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-man

A new Spider-man figure to play with! This here is the Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-man!

Spider-man is the second figure in the line after Deadpool. He looks pretty good. I think the sculpt and proportions are nice, especially in the upper body. The legs not so much.  I don't really like the shape of the thigh region and the knees are awkward. I tried as best to position them but the knees continue to face more to the sides. The shoulder joints, like with Deadpool are visible and are unsightly in some poses. However there is no denying the range of motion they provide. And for someone like Spider-man they are useful. There's great detail in the costume. The logo and lines were all sculpted on, even on his hands. Black panel lining was done which help them stand out more. Some black wash was applied on the costume as well, most notably on the neck area. Shiny blue plastic was used. I would have liked it to be matte like the red areas.

Accessories. He comes with additional swappable fists, web-shooting and gripping hands, three sets of swappable eyes, an eye remover tool, a pair of short webbing, a longer pair of webbing and a flexible web line which may be used as a lasso of sorts.

The different webbing may only be used with specific hands. The short web lines peg into the web-shooting hands. The longer web lines peg into the fists. While the flexible web line may only be used with the gripping hands. 

Just to show you the various sets of eyes. I always like Spider-man with large eyes so the default set is my favourite. The wide-eyed, surprised looking set are useful in certain situations. They also give off the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon vibe, as does the pair of small eyes. I can imagine him saying "Rightttt..." with that set. My least favourite set is the one where the eyes straighten towards the nose. I just don't like that look. You can mix the eyes if you want. I personally prefer him having the same sized eyes.

He also comes with a base, stand and clip. Also included is a magnet attachment for the clip.

The magnet works well and is strong enough to hold the figure. 

Articulation. Spider-man has revoltech joints at the neck, lower neck, elbows, wrists, torso, knees and ankles. He also has double revolver joint shoulders, ball joint hips, thigh swivel (diagonal cut), calf swivel and toe hinge. He can get into some great poses as you will see. One thing though is that the shoulders and legs can look unsightly and awkward. 

Comparison shots. He stands around the same height as the Revoltech Deadpool. He can fit in okay with Marvel Legends figures. 

The Revoltech Spider-man is a fun figure to play with and there's a good number of nice poses you can put him into. And the inclusion of the webbing enhances the action poses. The legs can look awkward but this is otherwise a nice figure! Thanks for viewing!


J Hernandez said...

Along side Deadpool he looks great!

Teff said...
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Teff said...

In the picture where this figure is in the middle of other spiderman figures.. what's the name of the figure to its right? (the shorter one, with a darker blue). I love its huge eyes. Thanks!

Jason said...

@Teff - That is the Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-man (Peter Parker) from the Space Venom BAF series.