Sunday, June 19, 2016

DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Superman (Man of Steel)

Thought I switch over to DC for a bit. Here's a look at the DC Icons Superman.

Look, up in the sky! It's... it's  Superman? I'm sorry. I couldn't recognise him for a moment with the makeup he has on. What's with all the eyeliner!?! The eyes were also poorly done on my figure. It looks like someone touched it up. I don't like the sparkly blue paint used as well. It reminds me of something out of a Disney movie. The sculpt and skin tone are not helping either. His overall look gives the impression that he's had cosmetic surgery. I do like the hair though. The body is decent. I think its of a good shape and size and suitably muscular. There's not too much detail on his costume. There's only some wrinkles here and there, most notably on his trunks. Woohoo trunks! Haven't seen a figure with them for awhile now. I like the raised bit at the end of his sleeves. The S shields on his front and back are raised. The paint apps for them are great and they have a gloss to them, as do the boots. Another bit of detail I like is the raised, gold buckle of his belt. His long, flowy cape is of a flexible material. I like the length and shape of it. 

He comes with Kelex, a robot which was seen on Krypton in the comic and later in the Fortress of Solitude. This is a great pack-in. I like the look of it. The red visor is transparent. There's nice detail on the body and I like the metallic bronze colour used. It is unable to stand on its own and so comes with a transparent stand and base. 

It has some articulation. It has a ball joint neck and peg shoulders,  

When on the stand, Kelex stands almost the same height as Superman. Superman also comes with an additional pair of interchangeable open hands. I would have liked if they included straight hands for running and flying as well.

For Superman's articulation there's a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ab crunch, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up a bit and down decently. The torso joint does not allow much rotation. The ab crunch allows him to bend forwards and back a click. He can do the side splits very well. I'm disappointed he does not have any thigh or calf swivel.  

Comparison shots.

I'm quite disappointed with this Superman mainly due to how his face turned out. And also the lack of a thigh or calf swivel. Thanks for viewing!


De zhang said...

once again. you nailed it mate. still awesome review.
i agree about the face, didn't like it too.
i'm waiting for the new 52 set, hope they fix the face sculpt.
btw how do you rate this dc icons compare to marvel legends, which do you give better score?

Henry Sarmiento said...

Love the review, however as seen in the comparison shots, he is a tad small compared to Lex and Adam.

Personally, ML figures are wayyyyyyy better!

Lastly, this Superman figure is decent but it just looks pathetic when compared to the Forever Evil Ultraman figure! Now THAT was comparable with Hasbro's ML figures! DC Collectibles should have made these DC icons figures on the same buck as those awesome figures!

Jason said...

Thanks all! I like Marvel Legends better. Figures are generally more hardy, articulation has been consistent and they seem to be upping their game in sculpt and accessories.