Thursday, November 12, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing & TIE Fighter Exhibits Launch at Changi Airport

Crazy morning today. I went to Changi Airport to catch the launch parade for the life-size exhibits of the X-Wing and TIE Fighter. The place was packed! I was there early enough to get a good spot but unfortunately the area in front of the exhibits was reserved. 

The X-Wing can be found at the Departure Hall in Terminal 3. The model on show is the Resistance X-Wing, which is a modern variation of the ones we saw in the Original Trilogy. It features a blue deco instead of the familiar orange. The starfighter is big! You really have to be there to get a true sense of its size. It looks to have seen many battles as it is weathered and has scorch marks. 

Hmmm stairs. Does that mean you can go into the cockpit? Yes you can! There are 80 tickets to be given out on a first come first serve basis for each timeslot. Check out the Changi Airport Star Wars page for the timings. 

Not only can you go into the cockpit, you can also dress up as a Star Wars character with the costumes provided! From what I gather you can be Chewbacca, a X-Wing pilot, a Jedi, a Stormtrooper and even Kylo Ren.

Located behind the X-Wing exhibit is an Interactive Wall. Here you can hear C-3PO speak various phrases in several different languages. 

There is also a small display of toys, props and statues for you to check out.

Time for the launch segment. To familiar Star Wars themes, the Rebel Pilots entered first. After a quick photo op, they went about doing maintenance on the X-Wing.

Stormtroopers were not far behind.

And they soon faced-off in a fierce battle. I'm not sure who won. Despite the close proximity there were no casualties. Lol.

It was then off to the Terminal 2 Departure Hall where the TIE Fighter exhibit is located. You have to really hand it to the guys of the 501st Legion Singapore for their time and patience. They were constantly mobbed along the way for photos and they obliged most of the time. Witnessing the escalator scene I could not help but think that the Emperor should be on his way up. Lol. Stormtrooper. Stormtrooper... Stormtrooper....

Impressive the line-up in front of the TIE Fighter.

The crowd dissipated a bit and I was able to catch some of the Imperial Forces. 

Finally some shots of the TIE Fighter. It has good detail and all but for me it did not seem as realistic as the X-Wing. 

For more images, click this link.

The exhibits will be on till 22 February 2016. Do take note of the photo opportunities and other activities and promotions to make your visit more worthwhile. I will be going back one of these days to get a photo in the X-Wing cockpit. It is an opportunity not to be missed!

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