Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Playskool Marvel Super Hero Adventures Stark Tech Armour (Hulkbuster)

Hi all! It's been awhile. I was busy with Chinese New Year. I wish everyone good health, prosperity and success! Here's something in lucky red and gold to kick things off again, the Stark Tech Armour. Or what it should be called, the Hulkbuster armour. 

Here's how the figures are packaged. The trouble with this sort of open type packaging is the figures will get handled a lot in stores and defects will start to appear. 

You can't have a Hulkbuster without a Hulk to battle. In this set is a new Hulk figure for the line. I don't have previous versions but from what I can tell from pics, this figure is on a new bigger body which is better for him. He wears a cocky look. The pockets on the back of his pants is a nice bit of detail. There's a spring in his body. You push the torso down and release. He'll jump up so as to knock puny Stark out of the Hulkbuster as illustrated in the pic above.

The other figure is of course, Iron Man. The body is the same as a previous release but this figure has a Tony Stark head. His facial features were well painted and so too his armour. 

Articulation. Tony has head rotation, ball hinge shoulders, forearm swivel and bar hips. (That is the two legs are connected and move together.) The shoulder armour restricts him from raising his arms up fully.

The Hulk has only head rotation and peg shoulders, 

Now for the reason I picked up this up, the Hulkbuster armour. I was thinking this will work with 3.75" scale Marvel figures. It certainly has the size and bulk. It's got some nice detail on it too. I especially like the blue transparent canopy with the data and targeting display. There's a repulsor inside his claw hand. It also has good paint apps. When put together with some Marvel Universe figures, it looks a little plain and "cartoony". But maybe if we did some work on it we might have something. 

The armour has a couple of features. One of which is a spring claw hand to capture the Hulk with. Due to the weight of the Hulk, he usually will hang upside in its clutches.

I'm sure you noticed the big button on his left forearm. Push it and the claw rotates. It'll also work with the Hulk in its grip.

The cockpit can be opened. Inside is a platform for Tony to stand on. It is possible to stuff a 3.75" Iron Man in the cockpit but it doesn't make for a good sight when you see him pressed against the canopy. If we remove the legs, it'll fit nicely. To open the cockpit, just push on his torso. So when the Hulk jumps and hits the torso, it will pop open and Tony Stark will fall out. This is a cool and fun feature. Unfortunately it takes some doing to have the Hulk hit it properly. It took me about five tries to get it to work. 

Hulkbuster articulation. It's only got peg shoulders and waist rotation. It should really at least have some leg articulation.  

Comparison shots.

The Hulkbuster doesn't really fit in with Marvel Universe for me. The figures have their appeal and I am a little tempted to collect the Playskool figures. I think this is a good set for the kids. You get two cool figures and one good-sized Hulkbuster. Getting the Hulk to jump and hit the torso can be frustrating. But I think it'll be just as fun to play using our hands. Thanks for viewing! 


Paul Hadsall said...

This looks like a fun thing for kids (of all ages) who still play with their toys.

Bubbashelby said...

This one looks like a lot of fun. I won't be getting it at retail but if I ever find it second-hand for super cheap I'll grab it up for sure!

Kim Dubuisson said...

Wow! This looks awesome! Hopefully it will get release here.

Unknown said...

I love it on the hunt to get it!!!