Monday, November 18, 2013

Ultimate Spider-man Thwack Attack Venom

I learnt a new word today. The word is "thwack". According to the online dictionary, it means to strike forcefully with a sharp blow. And I thought it was just a sound effects word.   

This is an awesome figure! He looks like he stepped right out of the show. He's got a great sculpt and superb colours. I just love the blend of blue and black. The white for the logo on the front wasn't painted on well though and it's peeling.  

He has a gimmick. Pull the spider logo on his back and he'll swing his arms. Take note, for it to function smoothly you need to extend his arms out to the sides first. You'll find it difficult to make it work if his arms are by his side. I like that they made the logo the thing to activate the gimmick rather than having a button sticking out of his back. I advise not to play with it too often though as the logo is attached with just a knot.

He does not have much articulation. There's just a peg joint neck, ball hinge shoulders and peg hips. He cannot raise his legs much due to his large thighs.

Comparison shots. The size is an issue. He should be taller than Spider-man and Nova.

He'll work better with 3.75" scale figures.

Here he is with the Spectacular Spider-man Venom. I like both. If I had to pick one this one edges it for the stronger colours.

Great figure! Despite the size, I'm very happy with it. Thanks for viewing!

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Being trying to find this one around here but no luck yet.