Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Kickback

Here's a look at the Transformers Generations Kickback. Thanks to a friend for bringing it back from overseas for me.

The card style is the same as previous series. However the print is matte instead of gloss.

Out of the package the figure feels really solid. Unlike the KOish FOC Combaticons. The robot mode is neat and it can stand very well. Hes got a bit of a samurai look, especially with that shoulder armour. The forearm armour can be extended out and used as weapons. The articulation is great as you'll see in the images below.

The default appearance is for the claws to go above his shoulders. If you prefer you can position them behind his body or maybe have them come out from under his arms. I like the default appearance as it makes him stand out more. 

He comes with a huge disc launcher accessory. It doesn't fire well.

The launcher is quite heavy and he has trouble holding it up in one hand. 

The insect wings can be used as blades and the disc for recreational activities.

Some articulation for the claws would have been nice. Thin bots are unfortunately going to be picked on a lot.

A quick comparison to show his size.

His alt mode is a grasshopper. A rather fat grasshopper. The clips/pegs do not hold well and come apart easily, on my figure anyway.  

Here's how it looks underneath.

The size of his alt mode is pretty big.

All the more ideal to pounce on unsuspecting Autobots.

All the images can be viewed here.

Thanks for viewing!

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