Monday, November 12, 2012

Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA12) Part 2

In part 2 I'll be touching on the remaining booths in the Festival Hall. 

Here's the Festival Hall floor plan again. (Image taken from the AFA site).

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Bushiroad occupied two sections. On one side was where the finals of the Cardfight!! Vanguard World Championship was held.

On the other you could view various cards and illustrations on display, and purchase new packs from the counter there.  

There was also a stage area where you could get the autographs of illustrators Hiroyuki Maeda and Hagiya Kaorun. And also of voice actress Aimi Terakawa who plays Suiko on the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime.

Next up is the Sword Art Online booth. The queue to enter was extremely long. It stretched back all the way to the Tamshii Nations side. All of the merchandise was sold out on the first day. I'll have to catch the anime/manga to see what its all about.

I had no problems entering on the second day. I saw this group greeting people.

These are replicas of the swords. Displayed exclusively for AFA12.

A few samples of the merchandise were left. They were not for sale unfortunately.

Moving on. The following image is from the booth. I Googled this. Fujiwara Yukino is the name of a doll adventurer and reporter who travels around the world. She brought many friends along with her for AFA12. 

If you needed a costume you could check out the Cosroom X Costar booth.

There were more booths selling toys and anime merchandise. Here are images of some of them.



Rapid Culture

Dollz Inc

Here's something out of place. Tucked away in a corner was an unnamed booth selling Halo and Mega Bloks items. They had the World of Warcraft Mega Bloks sets which were tempting.

Lastly, here's some images from the Creators Hub. You could pick up items such as posters, stickers badges and comics.

That's it for part 2.

All the images from this segment can be viewed here.

This gallery contains images of:

Creators Hub
Cosroom X Costar
Dollz Inc
Mighty Media
New Concept Technology
Rapid Culture
Robo Robo
Sword Art Online

Thanks for viewing!

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