Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man 3.75" Mega Cannon and Capture Trap Spider-man

These two were the first figures I picked up from the Amazing Spider-man line. I think they are great figures. The best part is there are plenty of them around and I had no trouble getting them. I wish all figures were as easy to get...    

Starting with the Mega Cannon Spider-man. This is the best looking 3.75" Spider-man in my opinion. Yeah the articulation is poor but the sculpt is fantastic. He's not stumpy, thin or lengthy like some figures in the Marvel Universe and Fiercest Foes lines. Everything looks right and proportianate. Love the Mcfarlane style eyes. And I love the shape of his back, there's a more prominent curve to it. It kind of reminds me of the Marvel Superheroes arcade game look. He's got nice detail. The lines of his costume are sculpted. Its much better looking than painted lines. And the colours are great too. Spider-man and his Amazing Friends anyone? Love it!   

If you're looking to get this figure, take note that the gap between his eyes varies from figure to figure. I prefer the gap to be narrower. I'll probably pick up another one when there's a sale again. A friend actually pointed this out to me. I borrowed his figure to do the comparison. You can click on the images to enlarge.

A blast from the past. Along side a Toybiz Sneak Attack Spider-man. That's still one of my favourite Spider-man figures.

On to the Capture Trap Spider-man. This is the costume worn by Ben Reilly. The figure is similar to the Mega Cannon Spider-man. Different details obviously. Again its a great looking figure. The web lines are sculpted on his costume. Whats great is that lines at his fingers are sculpted as well. The logo is well painted, its very clean and sharp.          

I prefer this figure over the Web Trap version for the sculpt and richer colours.

Accessories. Mega Cannon Spider-man comes with well... a mega cannon. You push the blue button to fire the missile. And the wings will open as well. Capture Trap Spider-man comes with a giant claw. You slide the light blue spider up and down to activate the claw. They both fit loosely on the figures wrists. You need to slide them up nearer the elbows for them to stay on better.

Both figures have the same articulation. They have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, peg hips and swivel hinge knees. Not much, but sometimes less is better. 


Spidey looks a little big sized but that's more to do with Punisher and Iron-man being undersized. Cyclops should be the standard. Compared with that, Spidey fits in nicely.

A shot of various 3.75" Spider-mans.

Do check them out. Thanks for viewing!  



Cable said...

Nice review and great pics as always. Can I ask what Spider-Man that is that on the far left in the pic of the various 3.75 Spideys?

Yankeejetsfan said...

As a Spider-Man Collector, I wasn't planning on picking up these figures until I read your review. Good job. You successfuly changed my mind.

Jason said...

@Cable - Thanks! Thats the Toybiz Superhero Showdown Spider-man.

@Sexy Geek - Thanks! Hope you like them as much!

Cable said...

Thanks Jason, never got in to that series. He looks to be the perfect Todd McFarlane Spidey. Definitely gonna try and hunt him down now. ;)