Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WWE Rumblers (Various)

The various WWE Rumblers I have picked up over the past few months.

Shawn Michaels was my biggest want after I bought my first batch of Rumblers. Managed to get him recently. He's got a decent likeness. He reminds me more of "blueblood" Triple H, especially from the back view. He's posed performing "Sweet Chin Music". He stands well despite being on one leg.

The Big Show is a bigger sized figure as you would expect. He's sculpted with two possible finishing moves. The chokeslam and the knockout punch, though its with his left hand. 

Rey Mysterio is one of my favourite figures. Being short and stumpy adds to the cuteness of it. I think only Hornswoggle is shorter than him. The tatoos on his body are nicely done. He's missing several though. 

Evan Bourne looks a bit like Fonzie. He's another short figure but he's slightly taller than Rey Mysterio due to his hair. The figure is leaning backwards. He's sculpted with double peace signs and he's ready to go "Air Bourne". He has slightly different articulation, there's swivel at the top of his boots. Its quite pointless though, rotating the boots makes it harder for him to stand.  

Santino Marella. Like this guy, he's pretty entertaining. Stay clear of him, he's going for "the Cobra".

Randy Orton is a decent figure. He looks a little like John Cena. The tatoos on his arms are well done.    

He can do his signature pose well.

Edge has a good likeness. He is posed poised to "Spear" someone. Without the ring ropes, he looks a little awkward, especially with regards to his right hand. 

Small to big. Nice that there is size difference between the figures.

Love these Rumblers. I saw that the Rock has been released with John Cena in the US. Will be looking out for that. I hope Mattel gets round to releasing figures of older superstars like Bret Hart and Stone Cold.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i'm not into wrestling, but these are REALLY fun! GREAT sculpts!

Hobgoblin238 said...

I am WAY into wrestling but like it more realistic. I would never buy these as they look like baby toys. No offense intended.