Saturday, March 10, 2018

Marvel Legends Series Paladin (Sasquatch BAF) & Blade (Man-Thing BAF)

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends Paladin and Blade. You may be wondering what Blade is doing here. Well that's cause I never did get round to doing a review for him. And since Paladin uses pretty much the same body mould I thought I'll review them together.  

Blade has finally arrived after being in limbo for some time. I still wish we had got that figure from the Epic Heroes series. I prefer the trench-coat look. This figure isn't too bad. Looks wise that is. The mould though has issues which I'm sure you're aware of by now. And that is he cannot stand up straight properly. The crotch piece does not allow the legs to be moved back enough. The figure is based on his modern appearance. He's almost bald. He has two streaks of hair which were sculpted on. He wears a pretty mean expression on his face. His shades were sculpted and was painted with a metallic red. The body is new. He's wearing some sort of protective vest. It has some design sculpted on and is textured. I like that the straps, buckles and clasps were painted. There's some nice detail for his pants and boots as well. [The legs are actually from the movie Electro (Ultimate Green Goblin BAF Series). Thanks to William Davis for pointing it out.] The strap across his chest with the wooden stakes and sword sheath is a separate piece. So too the strap with the silver stakes on his left thigh. I like that the stakes were painted. It would have been great if he could use them. 

Accessories. Blade comes with an alternate head and his sword. The BAF part is the right leg of Man-Thing. 

The alternate head utilises the same face sculpt with additional hair sculpted on. The alternate head is also based on a modern look but I wouldn't mind using it as a classic look. I think he looks more badass with the near bald look. 

Paladin is up next.

Paladin is based on his modern appearance. As mentioned at the top the figure uses the same body mould with gun holding hands and with new forearms and boots. The forearm bracers and boots are quite thick and have a similar circular design sculpted in. The design of the protective vest is not comic accurate but it works. The holster is a separate piece. He's got a nice head sculpt. The strap for his goggles is textured. The flesh tone was well painted. So too the gold for his goggles. My Paladin figure has two left feet which I'm very annoyed about.

The standing issue of this mould seems to have been resolved. Paladin is able to stand straighter better than Blade.

It looks like there's a bit more allowance at the butt area.

I forgot to mention that for some reason there's a small bump on the left thigh of this figure mould. It spoils the look of the figure. A good thing both characters wears an accessory there which hides it somewhat. 

Accessories. Paladin comes with two guns and a knife. The BAF part is the right leg of Sasquatch.

Paladin can hold all of his weapons well. The knife can be stored in the sheath on his right boot. He can only store one gun in the holster on his left thigh. The holster is too big for the gun. The gun drops out very easily.      

Both Blade and Paladin have the same articulation. They have a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, boot swivel, and ankle hinge and pivot. Both can look up and down well. The shoulder hinge needs to be in the up down position in order for it to be used fully. The ab crunch allows one and a half clicks forwards and one click back. The legs may not be moved back at all. Blade's ankle hinge are restricted by the design of his boots. Paladin's wrists cannot be flexed outwards as much due to the forearm bracers. 

Comparison shots. Paladin is slightly taller than Blade.

Both figures look good. I'm not happy about Blade not being able to stand properly. At least Paladin is able to. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

The whole buck is not new which is the reason why they have those bumps on their legs. The entire leg pieces to include the boots for Blade are straight from the movie Electro Spiderman/Ultimate Green Goblin BAF wave. Paladin also uses the same upper and lower legs but has new boots.

Unknown said...

Jason said...

@William Davis - Thank you for pointing it out! I totally didn't realise the legs are from Electro.

Kim Dubuisson said...

Such a cool Blade figure!

Unknown said...

Not a problem. I actually ended up customizing my Blade to fix the issue of him not being able to stand up straight. I took the pelvis piece off of Scourge (who also uses the Electro legs) and replaced it with Blades pelvis. He now stands up straight. I added some of Scourge's gear and a drop holster as well. Lastly I recently took the boots off of Paladin and put them on Blade. You can check him out as I recently took some pics of him and put him on my Instagram account @915figz

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