Monday, April 24, 2017

Marvel Legends Series 3.75" Spider-UK & Moon Knight

A couple more Marvel Legends 3.75" figures. Here are Spider-UK and Moon Knight.

Spider-UK makes his appearance in the 3.75" line. He is a repaint of the Big Time Spider-man and the Web Slingers 2-pack "Spider-mans". I've always felt that this body is too bulky for Peter Parker but I think it suits Spider-UK just fine. The paint apps are good. The lines came out very clean and straight. He's also got some lines painted on his fingers which is nice.

Moon Knight is in his modern costume. I'm not a fan of this and much prefer his classic white costume. The figure looks pretty good. The body is similar to Vance Astro's and has some news bits sculpted on. It's good to see Hasbro at least putting in some effort. The crescents on his forearms and hands were sculpted, as were the protective padding on his lower legs. I like the head sculpt. The best part is the whole hood is textured. His cape is also textured. Very nice! The white section at his chest and the cape is one separate piece and is removable. The chest piece is off-white and pearlescent, and doesn't match the white of his hood and cape. It only looks decent in the pics due to the lighting. There's one major issue and that is how soft and rubbery the knees and lower legs are. He is able to stand straight but you can pretty much forget about posing. 

A closer look at the sculpted crescents on his forearms. 

Articulation. Both have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. Neither can look up or down. As mentioned previously, Moon Knight has very rubbery legs and is a pain to pose.

Comparison shots.

I'm okay with both of them. Maybe not so much with Moon Knight for the rubbery legs. Thanks for viewing!

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Big Tone said...

Nice to see some 3 3/4 figures being reviewed.Everybody Is so stuck on Legends these days :(
I just added you to my blog list.