Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gunpla Expo 2016 (Singapore)

The Gunpla Expo has come again! The largest Gundam Model Kit Exhibition in Singapore is now on till 26 June 2016 at Takashimaya Square B2. I dropped by early today for a look.

There was not too many people in the queue for the limited items. I estimated around 30 to 40 people. Most of the limited items were still available when I left at around 11.30am.

I guess I must have been too early as there were no info signs around. According to the Club Gunpla Facebook, the limited items will be released on different days. Click the link to check it out. Also if you spend $150 or more, you can redeem a Mobile Suit GUNDAM Iron Blood Orphans Talk Show entry pass which will be held on 19 June 2016. Special guests include Kengo Kawanishi (Mikazuki Augus) and Yuka Terasaki (Kudelia Aina Bernstein).

UPDATE 10 JUNE 2016 - All limited items will be available from 10 June 2016! (According to the Club-Gunpla Facebook page)

I'm quite interested in getting this HG 1/144 Beargguy III (san) "Double Happiness" version. I think it'll make for a great gift. This will be released this Saturday, 4 June 2016. Click this link for a look at the rest of the limited items.

Here's a top view of the event. There's lot of things to check out.

The main attraction would have to be the statue of the RX-78-2 standing right in the centre. Love that pose! And I love the giant sized tools commonly used in Gundam building strewn around it. There's the marker, side-cutter and bottles of paint.

The RX-78-2 Gundam SG50 version. I haven't got round to building mine to be honest. I like the Gardens by the Bay styled diorama he's in.

A quick look around the venue now. Starting with Iron-Blooded Orphans which has a fairly large section dedicated for it. 

Here's a display for Gundam Build Fighters and Build Fighters TRY. 

I have my eye on PandaGGuy. According to the sign he is tentatively set for an August release.

Each "Grade" has a display which you can check out. The following pic is of the Real Grade (RG) kits.

We can get a look at the upcoming RG 1/144 scale Sinanju which will be released in August.

The Tamashii Nations section features the NXEdge Style Gundams. Also some displays of the Gundam Fix Figuration and The Robot Spirits.You can see pics of those here.

I always like their informative displays.

Strict-G is back. I know one or two of you who like this.

Some items from the discount area. Click images to enlarge. There's a 20% discount going on for most regular priced items.

And not forgetting the Gunpla Builders World Cup submissions. There are around 70 participants and the finalist chosen will represent Singapore at the main event in Japan to be held in December 2016. 

There's a stamp rally going on. You'll need to get a card and collect the stamps which can be obtained at the various displays of Beargguy which can be found at selected areas around Ngee Ann City. I know there's one at the Expo grounds and one at level two and level three of Takashimaya. A fully stamped card may be exchanged for an EZ-Link sticker. The stickers come in four different designs, with one design released each week.

Some exciting news to end off. Premium Bandai will be launched on 7 July 2016! You'll want to follow their Facebook page as some limited items will be made available for pre-order! To kick things off they will soon announce an opening wave of promotions!

That's all for now. Links to the galleries as follows:

Gunpla Expo 2016

Gunpla Builders Word Cup 2016 Entries

Tamashii Nations Displays

Limited Items

Do head down to Takashimaya and check it out for yourself.

Thanks for viewing!


Lord Aaronus said...

ohh yeah. Been looking for more HG 1/144 lead char mechas. Any word on a custom weapon campaign like last year?

Jason said...

No. Have not heard of anything for that.

Lord Aaronus said...

just a warning, the G-Reco HG 1/144s are cheaper at Expo

Jason said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Lord Aaronus said...

so I managed to go there over this weekend. Hauls aside, the real highlight would have to be the PS consoles with Gundam Breaker 3, especially if you're like me and spend like an hour in character creation in all those other games. Can't believe some consoles have unlocked stuff like Strike Freedom wings and fancy swords while I got the threadbare one, but hey.

Lord Aaronus said...

took an off day today just to go down and try Gundam Breaker again. And I went to Expo before that - just to clarify, they merely rotate between Robinsons and John Little holding the Expo sale, but the G-Reco stock is all the same stuff at the same prices, still lower than Taka, still missing Kabakali. Oh, and the fourth Puchiguy stamp is on level 4 at the kids department.