Monday, April 6, 2015

Transformers Robots in Disguise (RID) Legion Class Fixit & Underbite

Spotted these two on the pegs over the weekend, the Transformers Robots in Disguise Legion Class Fixit and Underbite. 

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First up is Fixit. He was the only crew of a prison ship which crashed landed on Earth. He later joined Bumblebee's team serving as a maintenance bot and providing information on the escaped Decepticons. He's a mini-con. He's about the size of a human so the Legion Class is the ideal size for him as you'll see later. The figure looks pretty good. One big difference between the figure and his appearance in the show is the Autobot logo on his chest. I guess they had to paste that sticker somewhere. Another difference is the wheels should be black but I don't mind these grey ones though. The facial details were all sculpted. He's got round blue eyes and is wearing a smile. He's a friendly bot most of the time. He has drills for his hands. In the show he has three pincers and can change them into various tools. He moves on wheels. The figure can roll very well and has pegs at the front to prevent him from falling. He will lean forward but you can adjust his body to make it straight.  

Here's the side view.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball shoulders, ball elbows, drill swivel, waist swivel and hinge. The waist hinge only allows him to bend backwards.   

Here's how he transforms.

His alternate mode is a drill vehicle. It's a great looking vehicle and everything is nice and compact. 

If you don't like the hole in the front between the drills you can unpeg the flap and lower it like so.

Next up is Underbite. Ever heard of him? He's the con who ate Nuon City. He's a Chompazoid. The more he eats the more powerful he gets. He's an animal type bot. The figure isn't the mighty Underbite that we've seen in the show. Rather he's a Decepticon pet. He's just so cute! I think they did a great job with the head. It's got some nice paint detail. I also like that they painted his claws.

Articulation. The neck has a hinge and all four legs have swivel at the upper thigh.

Here's how he transforms.

His vehicle mode is a Cybertronian car. It looks very similar to the Transformers Prime Shockwave. Everything looks good except for the hollow area at the sides at the front.  

Some action shots. 

Bot mode comparisons. This Fixit is the one to get to go along with your Warrior Class figures.

Vehicle mode comparison.

You can view the full image gallery here.

Great figures both. Did I mention Underbite is so cute? Lol. Thanks for viewing!

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Brothermidnight said...

These are something I am going to need to find! They remind me a lot of Moon from Beast wars neo.