Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Funan Anime Matsuri (FAM) 2015

I love the school holidays. There's always lots of stuff happening during this period. Last weekend I was at the Funan Anime Matsuri 2015. The event was held from 8 - 14 June 2015 at Funan DigitaLife Mall. 

One of the highlights of the event was the Celebrity Cosplayers Showcase which featured nine cosplayers from around the region. They include (below, from left to right) Fuyuu-Kaji, DD-Tenka, Hana & Baozi, Ying Tze, Shimo, Neneko and Angie. 

They conducted workshops on make-up, wig styling and sewing.

You could catch them around the mall. You just have to be alert. One sure sign is when the crowd suddenly streams and builds up. 

There were other workshops conducted, such as Bento Making. It was interesting to see a Pikachu and Hatsune Miku bento being made. 

Blue colour food is a challenge to find. Miku's hair was made of blue coloured egg with her details cut from seaweed. 

Nao Shirahane (AKA Dmyo) illustrated for us Seika and Mirai over her two workshops. Yay it's two characters I recognise. Lol.

I was interested in the photography workshops and attended three of them. The first being from Twenty0Nine last Thursday. He demonstrated the use of Lightroom and Photoshop with his works. I found it quite complex, me having hardly used either software. His preference is a cinematic style which can be seen in his work. His attention to detail is astounding. Any distracting object  in a photo is corrected or removed. Which makes me wonder how long he takes to inspect and improve a shot. 

The second photography workshop was by Studio Dhika. I was late for it and I also couldn't clearly hear what was said from where I was at. The early part was about composition. He showcased some shots and explained how he went about taking them. He spoke of camera settings for events and stage photography. He also went through some DOs and DON'Ts of cosplay photography. 

Of the three workshops I attended I was most inspired by the work of A.R.C Photography. The photographer's name is Alex and he's a dedicated cosplay photographer. His shots are truly breathtaking. He went through the uses of various lenses and then showed some of the shots he took with them. The colours and locations are just awesome to see. He explained how he took them. On one occasion even endangering himself to take a shot. A pity that he had to rush through the end part as his allocated time was up. I had little intention to seriously do photography but this gave me a nudge. 

A Creator's Hub was located on level five of the mall and there were many tables where you could pick up various fan made items such as t-shirts, posters, badges and key chains.

There were two Cosplay Competitions held over the weekend. Saturday's contest was won by Mr Gundam. The following pic is of the top three.

The Toad Sage was victorious over Iwatobi and Ken Kaneki in Sunday's competition.

Check out Fukasaku and Shima on his shoulders.

The main highlight would have to be bless4's performances. bless4 is a Japanese vocal and dance group and they performed to a packed mall. There was not even any good spots left on the upper levels! They performed a number of songs including Extra Magic Hour, Let's Fly and Let's Have a Party. The group was very energetic and their performance was amazing to watch. They had the pumped up crowd cheering, waving glow sticks and singing along with them. Simply awesome!

Here are the links to the galleries:

Stage and General

Saturday Cosplay

Sunday Cosplay

That's all for my visit to Funan Anime Maturi 2015. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for viewing!

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