Sunday, May 3, 2015

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2015

I only made two stops this year. Here's how it went.

My first stop as always was Books Kinokuniya. They are among the earliest to open of the FCBD participating stores. 

The queue system was improved. Only the queue at the main entrance was acknowledged and queue numbers were given out. You could then leave for breakfast if you wanted. As long as you had the queue number you were guaranteed a set of comics. You had to be a Kinokuniya Privilege Card Member to redeem the comics.

There was some FCBD merchandise for sale. They include the FCBD T-shirts and Heroclix. 

There's nothing like celebrating FCBD than with a bunch of friends! Happy reading!

It was then off to G&B Comics next. G&B Comics is where I get my DC Collectibles figures from. They offer very good prices if you're a member. You should check them out if you collect DC Collectibles stuff. 

G&B Comics ran two FCBD events concurrently this year. One a private event for invited members and the other for the public. Both sets of queues were very long. 

Those early in the public queue could get a number of freebies in addition to selected comics. There were special Star Wars tote bags, posters, notebooks and so on. 

If they flashed the G&B app they could also receive a Marvel Avengers poster.  

Subway samplers were available for them too. Awesome!

On to the private event. Before going further, I like to say a big Thank You to Bernard and G&B Comics for the invite!

The event was a fun affair. It felt like one big family reunion.

Hungry? Check out the food! 

The event was supported by Subway. There were member interviews conducted and at the end of it, you had to say the Subway slogan. The interviews were recorded and it should be a fun watch if made available.

On a side note I met Mezame of The Art of Mezame. Nice guy. Check out his awesome photography work. His Facebook page.  

Let's not forget the comics! There were many titles to choose from. I'm most interested to see what's going to happen in Secret Wars. Do pass the comics on once you're done reading, especially to those who don't usually read comics. 

There was a sale on all graphic novels. You could buy them at 1USD for 1SGD. And on top of that you could also get an additional 10% off. Fantastic! I managed to get a Thor: God of Thunder Hardcover which I wanted to read again since the figures came out. 

And here's the Lucky Draw prize. That's a nice looking belt!

This was my first such event and I had a great time. The freebies are great too! Once again thanks to Bernard and G&B Comics for the invite!

Now on to Star Wars Day.

Thanks for viewing!


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Wow seems like fun! I only collect the Gambit series comics so I didn't attend the event.