Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun Post: Captain America (Sam Wilson)

If you haven't heard, Sam Wilson aka Falcon will be taking over the mantle of Captain America in the comics in the near future. Just for fun I did some head swaps to see if I can achieve his look. 

Here's a reference pic.

Pic taken from

So his costume looks pretty similar to what Captain America is currently wearing. The noticeable differences are the mask, white shoulders, the star on the chest which was the Commander Rogers design and he's got wings.

I think the closest figure to use is the Avengers Assemble Shield Blast Captain America figure. Just need to paint in some design details and we'll be almost done. I considered swapping the Commander Rogers torso in but they're incompatible. Falcon's head will need to be modified too.

Here he is with wings attached. It's not too bad I must say.

I also did a head swap with other figures. The Super Shield Cap figure from the Avengers line is another good candidate. Most of the colours are correct. I like the grey pants as they help differentiate him more. The vest is not removable and makes him more military like. 

The Fortress Assault Cap figure is the similar to the figure above except that he wears black boots which is off.

The MU version looks too much of Steve Rogers.

The movie version would look something like this.

So there you have it. Sam Wilson as Captain America. I have a feeling we'll see official figures of the Avengers NOW! at SDCC. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

Not crazy about Sam taking over as Cap just because Captain America will always be Steve Rogers to me.

Jason said...

Same here.

Hobgoblin238 said...

Liberalism strikes again. I am against the changing of any heroes.

Anonymous said...

You act like Steve won't be Cap in time for the Avengers movie in 2015. Geez if anything Bucky should have stayed Cap.

Unknown said...

My Father was a United States Marine. I am a Veteran of over ten years service in the United States Air Force,United States Air Force Reserves and Air National Guard.I was decorated for service in the Middle East and have spent the last several years as a professional firefighter.
I am also African-American.

Unknown said...

I love the figure with the wings and sheild. Is this for sell or can you provide a tutorial on how to create this figure.

Jason said...

@ Leonard - That's an Avengers Assemble Captain America figure (SHIELD Gear) with the head and wings from the Marvel Universe Falcon.