Monday, February 25, 2013

J-Obsession 2013 @ The Cathay - "Are you the Next Pirate King?"

J-Obsession 2013 was held at The Cathay from 22 - 24 February 2013. This year was the 4th edition of the event and it featured 2 cosplay competitions as well as J-music performances by local bands. I dropped by for the last two days.

I haven't been to the Cathay in ages. Where was the "kachang puteh" seller? Or the Orange Julius restaurant? Lol. When I got there there was already a sizeable crowd.

The theme for the event this year was "Are you the Next Pirate King?". Hence the huge Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece at the atrium.  

I caught a couple of the performances. The bands were really loud. My ears were ringing from it.

The highlight of Day 2 was the One Piece Cosplay Competition. Here's just a few snippets from it. 


On the third day, the Harlem Shake was organised. The image below was the setup of phase two. I took a video but my angle was poor. The official video should be out some time this week and you can check the J-Obsession Facebook for it.

Here's a couple of pics from the Open Category Cosplay Competition.


I'm sure you'll want to check out more images so here are the links to the galleries.

Day 2 Images

Day 3 Images

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