Saturday, December 1, 2018

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2018

Anime Festival Asia has begun! This year is the tenth edition of the event and the organisers have certainly put together a great show to mark the occasion. It truly felt like a proper con! Which I can't say the same for some other events. Featuring numerous special and cosplay guests, lots of events and activities and with very well set up and attractive booths. Check out some of the stuff I saw.

The early morning saw a queue snaking and stretching almost an attire floor! Really a great turnout! Come opening time the queue moved fairly quickly in spite of additional security checks. 

I have been playing Fate/Grand Order (FGO) since the game was made available to the region. I'm quite hooked to the game and so I was interested in what the FGO booth had to offer. 

I loved the booth. It had several life-sized character standees, info boards bout the game and even a summoning circle. The highlight for me would have to be the Servant Library, featuring character acrylic stands of every servant up to Little Santa Alter from the currently ongoing in game event. 

An exclusive post card was given if you summoned certain servants from the simulator. This activity is really popular. If you did not manage to summon the selected servants you'll still get a little freebie. I got lucky and summoned a certain servant. I won't be revealing who as I'll likely get pestered for it.

Games are a big part of AFA this year. Here's the booth for Honkai Impact 3. This may be the next game I try out. It looks fun and the characters are attractive.

Here's some of the Honkai Impact merchandise available. Click images to enlarge.

Over to the Bandai Namco booth where you can check out some upcoming titles such as Jump Force and God Eater 3. If time and availability allows I would love to check out those two games.

A Sword Art Online character popularity poll. This is one of the stations for the Stamp Rally. Simply get a sticker and stick it in the box of your favourite SAO character to get a stamp. It looks like Sinon and Asuna are leading as of Day 2. I put my sticker with Klein. We should support the support characters!

If you're thinking of participating in the Stamp Rally, do get your card from the AFA 10 Years booth on the third level. I'm not sure if there are other locations you can get it from. I only picked it up when I re-entered the exhibition the third time...

Items from previous years' on display at the 10 Years booth

In terms of exclusive items there were a number to be had from Good Smile Company which you can see on the top two shelves in the following pic. In the past I would have queued up early to get some of these. Nowadays I need all the sleep I can get. Lol. I would have like to have got the Nendoroid FGO Mash and Konosuba's Megumin in school uniform. But I'll make do with the just the figma Mash.

(UPDATE 1/12: I managed to get Megumin!)

Bandai too had several exclusive items. The HG 1/144 Gundam Bael (clear) and Gundam Kimaris Vidar (Clear) were sold out on the first day. They may do a small restock on Day 2. But you'll need to be early!

I had an interest in this Baymax figure. But my concern with metallic parts is that they might discolour.  

Here's a sample of what other items are available at the Bandai booth.

Now for some of the displays.

I'm going to leave you with some images. I'll be going back over the weekend and I'll add to this post at a later time. Thanks for viewing!

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CassianAndor said...

Star Wars Black Series 6" AT-AT Driver & Praetorian Guard selling for $20 each at Falcon Hangar, Waterloo Street. 6" Archive Luke Pilot, Bossk & IG88 selling at $40 each at Takashimaya.