Sunday, October 30, 2016

GnB Comics Halloween ComicFest 2016

Happy Halloween! So how was your day? Good I hope. Mine was fun but exhausting. There were a number of events being held on the same day and I went around visiting a couple of them. My first stop was GnB Comics which was participating in the Halloween ComicFest 2016. 

Firstly I like to mention that GnB Comics has moved and their new store is at Block 809 French Road, Kitchener Complex Unit #02-38. They have picked a great location. The place is near Lavender MRT, has many eateries in the area and the best part is the store is located inside a mall and we can queue in air conditioned comfort! Lol!

The store looks great! I have visited the new store on a couple of occasions but it was not quite ready yet. This was the first time I was seeing it fully stocked. Wow! I love the display window! The racks and racks of comics and their shelves of statues and figures are very attractive. 

Check out the interior. It's large, bright and spacious. It has a more accommodating and welcoming feel than the previous store.  

Here are the comics that were given out for the event. There were lots to choose from and it was hard to decide which 10 to pick. In addition character badges and Captain America: Civil War posters were also given out. Those who turned up in costume could win some store vouchers and prizes. Graphic novels were available at US$1 to SG$1. A great deal which I took advantage of!

Marvel's C.B.Cebulski made a surprise appearance. He happened to be in town and dropped in for a visit. I had a great picture taken with him. No I'm not going to show it you. I'm shy... I'll just say he got through to my thick skull. 

C.B. Celbulski (second from left)

More photos now. The store is so spacious that there's even a Tatami Room which was brought in from Japan! I checked with the boss and the room is available for cosplay and even wedding photo shoots. You do need to call ahead first if you're planning a shoot. Do check with them on any charges, rules and regulations. They are in the process of drawing that up. You can make enquires via the GnB Comics Facebook page

Toys! If you need Marvel Select or DC Collectibles items GnB Comics is a great place to check!

Yet more shelves of comics, TPBs and toys!

I had a great time at the Halloween Comics Fest! Thanks GnB for the comics!

Thanks for viewing!

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