Monday, November 17, 2014

figma Hunter x Hunter Gon Freecss & Killua Zaoldyeck

"You just Smile Again!". Animax is currently screening new Hunter X Hunter episodes. The attack on the Chimera Ants' King and Royal Guard will take place soon. Can't wait to see what happens. With the series back on, I thought I take out the figma figures for a post.

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First up is Gon, who is the main character in the series. He's a bright and cheerful person who sets out to become a Hunter. He wanted to find out what was it about being a Hunter that would make his father, Ging abandon him as a baby. 

figma figures rarely disappoint. Gon has a great likeness to how he appears in the 2011 series. His hair is very spiky. I wouldn't be surprised if someone pricked his fingers on them. His jacket and shorts are made with a rubbery material. The paint apps of the figure are excellent. I love how his boots turned out.

Accessories. He comes with four extra pairs of interchangeable hands, a "scissors" hand, an angry face, a backpack, a fishing rod, an extended fishing rod, a glass with overflowing water and a stand. The short fishing rod can be carried on his backpack.

Next up is Killua, who comes from a family of assassins. He was trained to be an assassin since birth and thus has superior abilities to Gon at the start. They meet during the Hunter exam and have become best friends since. They play off of each other very well. The interactions between the two is partly why I like the series.

Again the figure has a good likeness. There's something about his hair which I don't like though. It just seems odd. 

Accessories. He comes with four extra pairs of interchangeable hands, a claw hand, a "kill mode" face, a skateboard, a glass with still water and a stand. 

The accessories for both figures I feel are lacking. They could definitely use more facial expressions. Killua shoould have come with a yo-yo. Other things I can think of are a Hunter License, a ring or card from Greed Island and ability effects pieces.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, you may be wondering why each figure comes with a glass and water. The characters use Nen, which is actually a person's aura. Nen users can manipulate it and use it in combat. There are 6 types of  aura. One way to identify what type of aura a person has is through Water Divination. That's where the glass of water comes in. There should be a leaf in the water but it was left out in the accessories. Gon's glass is over flowing which means he's an Enhancer type. Killua's glass has still water, which means that the taste has changed. Hence he's a Transmuter.

Articulation. Both figures have a swivel hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, torso pivot, ball hips, knee hinge, swivel hinge ankles and toe hinge.

Gon named his special ability "Jajanken", which loosely means rock, paper and scissors. Each is a form of attack.  The two extended fingers hand is his "scissors" attack. He forms a blade at the tip of his fingers with his aura.  

Killua can turn his nails into claws.

Comparison shots.

Great figures both. They could use more accessories though. Kurapika has also been released. Which just leaves Leorio of Gon's group during the Hunter exam to get a figure. Hopefully we'll see him. Thanks for viewing!

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