Thursday, November 20, 2014

DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures (TNBA) Batman

I thought I wouldn't be buying any more figures based on old DC Animated series. Guess I was wrong.

DC Collectibles' brings us a new line based on Batman The Animated Series (BTAS) and The New Batman Adventures (TNBA). The first figure is Batman. He comes in a blister packaging. I would have preferred if it came in a box type. Both the front and back have the TNBA logo. The figure displays well against the black and blue colours. There's a Batman 75 sticker on the top right of the bubble. This figure for me is the one to keep to mark the 75th Anniversary.

At first glance you think the contents were only just the figure and two accessories. But lo and behold, underneath the top tray is another tray packed with accessories. This came as a very pleasant surprise when I opened it.

Batman is based on his appearance in TNBA. The sculpt is excellent! The look is spot on, aside from the visible peg holes on his thighs. They really shouldn't be there. The Bat logo was sculpted on. The paint on it may not be aligned properly from the few pieces I saw. The paint apps are decent on my figure. There's just a little bleeding at his mask and trunks. His belt is a separate, soft and flexible piece and has many sculpted pouches on it. He's wearing what I'll call his "action" cape. It's a little wind swept to one side. The top part is rounded and rests higher on his torso which allows for easier arm articulation. He has trouble standing. Not surprising with his thin legs and feet.

Accessories. He comes with a "straight" cape, a Grapple Gun, a Batarang, a pair of "Batarang" hands, two pairs of gripping hands (one set having a bigger grip than the other), a hand with a sculpted Grapple Gun and a figure stand. Various views of Batman are printed on the base. The claw which holds the figure have movable hinges.

To exchange the capes you need to remove his head. There seems to be two levels for his head to sit. One will have his head flush against the cape. The other has his head slightly raised and he'll be able to look up and down well. The "straight" cape covers his shoulders more. And it also hinders arm articulation. He typically has this appearance when he's not using his arms.

Here's some shots of him without his cape. 

A closer look at his accessories. I like the way he's able to hold his Batarang.

I love that the Grapple Gun is included. He uses it often in the show. He can hold it but cannot use it properly with either of his gripping hands. A good thing the sculpted hand with Grapple Gun is included.

Here he is with that. It looks so much better.

The hook portions of both the Grapple Guns can be detached. Now all we need is to attach some string.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, knee hinge, calf swivel and ankle hinge and pivot. Raising his head to the higher point will enable him to look up and down well. He looks a little awkward when the hip hinge is in use.

Here he is using the stand. I try as far as possible to not use one in my displays but I don't think I can do that with this figure. 

Comparison shots. He's shorter than DCUC figures.

Great figure! Love it! Now I have a decision to make. Should I collect this line and add to my DC Animated Collection? Or should I stop with this figure... Thanks for viewing!


Dr. Theda said...

Will they be making a "Joker"....???

Alexx said...

MAN, that's cool! Certainly gona have to pick that up. I am really loving how this line is turning out. Hope they all have this much detail put into them.

Jason said...

@ Dr. Theda - Yup there'll be a Joker based on TAS.

l said...

I wish that they had made it 6.75"/7" scale like 99% of all DC Direct/DCC releases. The size makes no sense and makes me hesitant to buy any of the line.

Jesus S said...

I love this figure, I gonna buy one. Thank you for this post.