Thursday, September 11, 2014

STGCC 2014 Part 4: XM Studios X HMO & Imaginarium Art

Statues galore at the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) this year.  We got to see many large-sized versions of our favourite superheroes.  

XM Studios really impressed with their line-up and display of Marvel characters. They showcased some 17 1:4 scale statues. All of them superbly sculpted and well painted.  The sculpts are fantastic and they truly capture the character. A feature of their statues is that they have interchangeable parts. Take Black Widow here as an example. You can display her with long or short hair. And you can decide what weapon she holds.  

I really love this Magneto statue. Great look and detail. Unfortunately I can't afford it. Even if I did save up, I have no proper place for it.

There was a "work in progress" Phoenix on display. It already looks amazing even without paint!

There were live drawing demos by Studio HIVE at the booth. They do illustrations and artwork and have collaborated with XM Studios on several projects including on the Wolverine and Thanos statues.

Along side them was Erick Sosa, a professional sculptor. He started work on this Black Panther on the morning of Day 1 and was done by the early afternoon. 

Outstanding work!

One of XM Studio's ongoing project is the HX Project. In collaboration with Hand Made Objects (HMO), they will produce 1:6 scale Marvel characters based on the Avengers Assemble cartoon. Shown below are the Red Skull and Loki.

And here's the "work-in-progress" Thor. The HX Project statues will have features such as interchangeable parts as well as Augmented Reality (AR) and Collector Tokens. The tokens will act as the mechanism to power the AR application.

Here's the demo of the AR done by HMO at STGCC.

HMO's booth was located just beside XM Studio's. They had on display their Retro Reboot line. It's a line of statues based on classic video game characters. If I remember correctly, the following character is from Taito's Legend of Kage.

HMO also had this Chewbacca, The Thinker on display. It is the prototype copy and is the only piece in existence. This piece was commissioned to be given to someone at Disney.

There were more statues to check out over at the Imaginarium Art booth. They are relatively new to the scene having started in 2013.

On display were several Iron Man items including the 1:2 scale Mark XLII statue and the Starboost and Iron Patriot 1:2 scale busts.

A feature of their products is that they have a light up feature built in. As seen here with Thor's hammer. Interesting.

This Spider-man piece caught my attention. I like how it displays.

You can see more pics of the above through the following links:

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Thanks for viewing!

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