Monday, March 31, 2014

J-Obsession 2014

J-Obsession 2014 concluded over the weekend. There were local J-music band performances, songs, dance and cosplay. Here's some of the action that I caught.

The event was held at the Cathay. There was a big turn out on the two days that I went. And it seemed like there was quite a number of media present this time round.

Kirihara Naoya from Japan was the cosplay guest. She gave us a little demonstration of her talent. She was cosplaying as Rin from Free!

She was also one of the judges for the Cosplay Competition which was held on the second day.

There were 11 acts who took part. Props to all them for taking the stage. Lots of great costumes and performances. 

The winner of the Cosplay Competition was the Kill la Kill team. The skit they put up was hilarious.

Here's a group shot of all the participants.

There was a local cosplayer showcase on Day 3. Featuring Emi, Lawliet and Aya.

They along with Naoya took part in some cosgames and a cosplay panel. The cosgames involved them acting out a Japanese term. I knew the answer to the first two but had some trouble with the last. It was actually quite easy. I was a little disappointed I couldn't figure it out. Naoya later had an autograph session.

I didn't listen to the bands this time round. I didn't want my ears ringing like last year. I could hear them from the open space outside and they were rockin'. 

I did catch some of the song and dance performances. I think the performers did a really good job. It's great we have events like this where they can show off their talents.

This following one was memorable. I think she goes by the name Rika. She has a good voice. She sang songs from Kill la Kill. Cosers dressed as Kill la Kill characters randomly went on stage. Some even danced with her. Good fun!

There were lots of cosers around the venue. These are just some of them.

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Speaking of photos, here are mine:



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