Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EOY 2013 Cosplay Festival

The EOY 2013 Cosplay Festival was held on 15 December 2013 at the Marina Barrage. I went down to catch the action.

The weather is wet at this time of year. Fortunately the rain stayed away for the majority of the day. If you do visit the Marina Barrage, be sure to go up to the roof for great views of the Marina Bay area and of the sea.

The event was bigger and better this year. I think there was also a bigger crowd. There were more booths and programs lined up. Click images to enlarge.

Some of the booths include Wacom, Pan-in-the-Box, ACS Comics, Toycoin, Happy Ice, BonJapan etc.

Offstage - an exhibition of works by local photographer Tan Ching Yee was displayed at the booths area. The photos are of cosplayers in their own homes. The photos set out to give us an insight to what some cosplayers are like "off stage", that is when not in front of the camera at events. I have to say the rooms of some of them look awesome.

There was a Sakura Blossom of the Spring Doll display. The setup was very nice.

Fujiwara Yukino was on hand to cover the event.

A couple of itasha could be found in the courtyard.

There was a bigger stage this year. It was set up in the enclosed area in the middle of the courtyard. A good thing about it is that lots more people could get a good view of the stage. The downside about it is that those catching the performances had to bake in the sun.

Performances were held almost non-stop throughout the day. 

Here's the performance by a group playing "Muse". Sorry for the shaky video. The sun was in my eyes and I could hardly see the camera screen. I must remember to wear a cap next time.

Nico Nico Dancer Wata graced the event and she performed two sets of dances.

The heat was getting to me so I only watched her first two dances from the first set. The following is a video of the second dance: 

Finally the main attraction of the event, the cosplayers. A big thanks to them for posing in the heat.

The full gallery can be viewed here.

The event lasted till evening. I could only stay for a couple of hours but I enjoyed it thoroughly. I look forward to next year's edition.

Thanks for viewing!

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