Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cosfest Christmas 2013

One more event for the year to bring you. Here are pics of Cosfest Christmas.

Cosfest Christmas was held from 28 to 29 December 2013 at the Bugis+ atrium. This was the first edition of the event.

The event kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Yuegene Fay (in white) was the special guest. 

Yuegene Fay (right)

There were several activities lined up. The first was the Running Man Cosplay. Teams had to go around the mall completing missions. Pictured below are the team leaders. 

From left to right: Yuegene Fay, Jokumi, Michii, Murasaki, Maria

Missions include charades, holding a pose without moving for a minute, performing Gangnam Style, collecting coscards and so on. You could keep track of the teams' progress via the Cosfest Facebook.

The event looked like lots of fun. A downside is it greatly reduced the number of cosplayers at the atrium to take photos of. Lol. 

Day 1 concluded with a Cosplay Workshop and a Christmas Gift Exchange. 

Day 2 began with an Anime Musical Performance. 

The Cosplay Competition followed soon after.

Fans had the opportunity to Meet and Greet Yuegene Fay and also get an autograph.

You can view all the pics in the galleries:

Cosplay Competition (better quality)
Cosplay Competition (Facebook)


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