Thursday, August 29, 2013

STGCC 2013: Media Preview

The star packed media preview for STGCC was held today, 29 August 2013. I got the chance to meet some of the guests and also view the various exclusives. 

The host for the media preview was Elliot Danker. He'll also be the host for STGCC. You may not recognise him but you may have heard him on the radio before. He gave us a quick overview of the guests and exclusives at STGCC.

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Elliot Danker

Hideo Baba, Luke Chueh, J*Ryu, Angry Woebots, Aza, Vampy Bit Me, Joe Madureira and C.B Cebulski were at the media preview and they talked a little about themselves and what we can expect at the event.

Hideo Baba, General Producer for the Tales of series, brought Tipo (a character from Tales of Xillia) with him. He spoke about the Tales of Xillia. This is his first visit to Singapore and he's excited to meet the fans here.

Hideo Baba (center)

He was joined on stage by Aza (cosplayer from Korea). She was cosplaying as Milla Maxwell, a character from the Tales of Xillia. She spoke of how she started playing Tales of Xillia and what got her started in cosplay. She'll be in more costumes over the weekend, including Kuroneko (Oreimo).


J*Ryu, Angry Woebots and Luke Chueh (designers) spoke about their work and life. They created the Army of Monkeys (See, Hear Speak, No Evil) specially for STGCC. Each piece is reflective of each of them. You can check it out at their booth.  

Left to Right: J*Ryu, Angry Woebots and Luke Chueh

Angry Woebots also gave us a quick painting demonstration.

Joe Madureira, C.B Cebulski and Vampy Bit Me took the stage next. Vampy, dressed in a stunning costume of Psylocke, spoke of how she got into cosplay and announced that she had a new costume which will be revealed at STGCC.

Joe Madureira spoke of his various works. He also said that he would love to conclude the Battlechasers and promised to do something about it in the future. C.B Cebulski spoke of spreading the Marvel magic and his search for new talent, and also about food. You can catch them at the Marvel booth, Walk of Fame and at the various Marvel panels at the main stage. 

Left to Right: Vampy, Joe MAD and C.B Cebulski

Ms Yeow Hui Leng, Project Director of STGCC,  thanks all the fans and hope we enjoy this year's event.

Yeow Hui Leng

The preview concluded with a group photo. An interview session followed. 

Left to Right: Vampy and Aza

Now for the exclusives:

Hot Toys exclusives

ZC World Manchester United Wayne Rooney & Ryan Giggs

Transformers Generations Metroplex exclusive

Play Imaginative 1/4 and 1/12 scale figures

Despicable Me 2 Monopoly, Interactive Dave & Build-a-Minion

Ugly Doll DC, Nanoblock

Left to Right: Fluffy House Mr White Cloud, Miss Rainbow and Lofing & the Magical Mushroom

Ugly Doll Hello Kitty

Bad Apple & Gold Giant Skuhl by Mighty Jaxx

Left to Right: Thunderous Lightning by HairyAsHell (grey).
Sideways, Lovebomb and Oil Cthulhu by Mighty Jaxx

Strife & Sire (boxed) and Bellicose Bunny by Nathan Hamill

Target Self Medicated by Luke Chueh and Jason Freeny

Chopper Head (yellow), Large Tote Bag (Angry Woebots)

Angry Woebots Hand Painted Toy Customs

Left to Right: Bearing the Unbearable (Luke Chueh), Army of Monkeys (J*Ryu), Decapitated Bear Heads (Luke Chueh)

I also met Andy of TOYSREVIL and Leon of Open the Toy for the first time at the media preview. Great meeting you guys!

So are you excited? I know I am!

See you there!

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