Thursday, February 9, 2012

G.I.Joe Renegades Storm Shadow

As promised, here's Renegades Storm Shadow.

This is a well sculpted figure. Just check out the many folds and wrinkles on his attire. Very realistic. It may seem a bit baggy but its fine as ninjas tend to hide a lot of stuff around their body. The hands and feet of this figure are unique. I'll touch on his hands a little later. For footwear, he's wearing split toe shoes. I Googled this. They're called "tabi". They give wearers better contact and grip with the ground. The paint on his body is clean, except for his forearms and feet where there's a little blackwash on them.  

He comes with two heads. The one on the left is based on his Renegades cartoon appearance. Don't like it. It looks like he's wearing a sailors cap and he looks untidy with his hair sticking out. The one on the right is his classic look which I prefer. The Cobra logo is well painted and sharp.   

Here he is in his classic get up. Would have preferred if the black shoulder strap was a little longer. The belt is a really tight fit. Had to stretch it to get it on.

He comes with a lot of cool accessories. Firstly the backpack. It has great detail on it, the arrows and even the Arashikage symbol are sculpted. And you can open it to store some of the accessories, especially the smaller ones. For the weapons, there are two swords (one short and one long), two kunais (dagger), two sais, two spikes, a dart shooter, a fan, bow and arrow, nunchucks, two shurikens and a base. And as shown above, he comes with an alternate head, strap and belt.   

The dart can be removed from the shooter.

With so many accessories, can he carry everything? Yes he can. It took awhile but I've come up with two combinations, one for each attire. Its neater when he's wearing the red gear. The shurikens are tucked in his sash on the front. The sais are tucked in his sash on his back. The bow is slung on the sword sheaths. There are pegs on the backpack where some of the smaller weapons can go. In this case, I've put the spikes and the kunais. The dart shooter is inside the backpack. 

The black gear is a tighter fit and tucking weapons in them is not recommended. There's a small peg on the black strap where the dart shooter can be placed. On the backpack this time are the sais, kunais and the arrow. All other small items are inside the backpack, and also one side of the nunchucks. Not the best way I know. I could have made him carry the nunchucks but I wanted to change things up. He's once again holding the fan. There's no proper place for him to keep it.

Now for a look at his hands. His fingers are sculpted in a martial arts type position. He can do some cool unarmed poses and there are unique ways for him to hold his weapons as you'll see in the pictures below. The paint on his hands is thick and patchy and some of it is starting to peel off due to weapon use. 

Some ways to hold the shurikens.


Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball and hinge shoulders, swivel and hinge elbows, swivel and hinge wrists. The hinge on his right wrist functions laterally while the hinge on his left wrist function vertiaclly. He's got a ball joint torso, ball hips, double joined knees and swivel and hinge ankles.

The sword handles are a little too big but he can still hold them decently.

He's a little bit big for this group but I don't mind. And the clean paint helps him fit in nicely.    

This is an awesome figure. It falls into the category of "Figures that don't need a replacement". I just hope it doesn't discolour.  

An extra bit. I wanted to do the following scene for my Marvel Universe Daredevil & Bullseye post but I couldn't find a sai accessory. I've got two new ones now. Sorry Bullseye! 


Reis O'Brien said...

Awesome figure! I'm so jealous that you found one. There are excatly zero of these Storm Shadow figures in my area. :(

Hobgoblin238 said...

Can´t wait to get to the old U.S. and get those! How do they match up with Marvel Universe? Storm Shadow vs. Daredevil?

Unknown said...

I don't really like the Renegades cartoon and figures, but this Storm Shadow is one of the best. Even comes with a fan!

Great job on posing him in all the flighting stance.

Jason said...

@Reis - Didn't find it. Paid a higher price for it. But I think its worth it.

@Hobgoblin - I feel GIJoe POC onwards are better than the newer articulated MU figures. Joes are more solidly constructed and they are more proportianate and of course have more accessories.
With MU, figures tend to look tall or skinny. Really depends on the character. And some joints can be very loose out of package. SS beats DD figure wise.

@Kelvin - Thanks!