Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Marvel Legends Series Retro Collection Spider-man

"Spider-man, Spider-man. Radioactive Spider-man."

Seeing these retro cards really take me back. The 90s Spider-man Animated Series figures was of the first toy lines that I collected. I remember getting a whole lot of them when they were on clearance. I built up my collection from there. The hardest to get for me were Rhino and Vulture. And this was back when there was no internet so you had to ask around and keep going to sales and flea markets. Good times... Nowadays we just wait for the parcel to arrive. 

You can check out my 90s Spider-man collection here.

When they say retro they mean retro. From the colour tones, the painted lines on his costume and the shape of his eyes, this figure screams classic Spider-man! Love it! He also has a good resemblance to how he appeared in the 90s animated cartoon. Nice! Spidey has got an updated body. The torso is new. It utilises a ball joint together with an ab crunch for the articulation in that area. The combination works well as you'll see further down. The arms and legs reuses those from the Bullseye body. The black web lines on my figure are decent. I'm quite happy with that.  

Accessories. He comes with an alternate head and a pair of fists. They really should have included a pair of wall crawling hands. 

Close-ups of the heads. The alternate head has the narrower eyes like from the early Spider-man comics. I prefer the bigger eyes on the default head and will be using it more. 

I tried swapping on some heads from previous figures. You'll be happy to know that most heads can fit on this figure. Some heads are of a different shade of red but you don't really notice it from a distance.  

Unmasked head from MJ two-pack

Half unmasked from Pizza Spidey

House of M

Raft set

Since there's no wall crawling hands he'll have to borrow some. The ones I've used are from the MJ two-pack. Those from the Pizza Spidey don't work due to the type of peg. If you like him with smaller hands (his right hand in the pic below) the ones from Ultimate Spider-man will work as well. 

Articulation. He's got a dumbbell joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterfly joints, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ab crunch, ball hips on up and down hinge, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, calf swivel and ankle hinge and pivot. The biceps prevent the full range of motion of the elbows. The torso joint allows him to slant his body to the sides well. The combination of the torso joint and ab crunch allows him to bend forward and back well. One thing I don't like is that when he turns his body with the torso joint the design of his costume gets broken up. Also when turned it exposes an extra bump or two on his body which is awkward. It would be nice if he could turn at the waist.

They made upgrades to the neck joint (see below). They made a little slot at the back of his neck. This allows the dumbbell joint to go back further and allows him to look up even more which is great. This is especially useful when putting him in a wall crawling pose. Nice! A downside to this though is that he cannot look down as much as compared to the usual hinge.  

Now let's see what this figure can do!

Comparison shots. In the following pic are my favourite Spider-man figures!

Great figure! Just wish they included a set of wall crawling hands. Thanks for viewing!


Sampoerna Quatrain said...

WOW! Can't wait for our pre-orders to trickle in here in the West. As always, your photos are fantastic! Really excited for this one.

De zhang said...

Which one is your fave spidey ? This retro one or mafex ?

Jason said...

@Sampoerna - Thanks!

@De zhang - This Retro one. Posing looks better with less gaps.

Zorglorfian said...

Awesome pics! Which wallcrawling hands is he using in the later pics? ANAD or Ultimate? Thank you! :)

GIJigsaw said...

Definitely a nice figure. Already have a ton of Spideys but hey, what's one more?

Jason said...

@Zorglorfian - Using ANAD.

@GIJigsaw - This is a must get!