Monday, March 20, 2017

Marvel Legends Series Titus BAF

We've finally come to the Marvel Legends Titus BAF.

The parts list:

Head - Darkhawk
Torso - Nova
Right arm - Yondu
Left arm - Drax
Right Leg - Angela
Left Leg - Vance Astro

Titus is another character I'm not familiar with. From what I found online, he's a former Nova Corps member and has a beef with the Sam Alexander Nova and his father. Titus has got a great head sculpt. There's a good amount of sculpted fur detail. A light grey wash was applied which helps bring out the detail more. Oooh what big teeth you have. The pointy ones and molars were sculpted and the smaller ones were painted. The stripes and his left eye were well painted. The body reuses some parts of Space Venom, such as the mid left arm and legs. The legs were modified a bit. There's now a noticeable line at the calf area which make the boots more prominent. The torso looks very similar to Space Venom's. I suspect they simply modified the top half a bit. He has a metallic right arm with a cannon. The lines were sculpted and I like they did some panel lining and also some black wash. The cannon has some nice paint detail on it. The fur on his fingers were sculpted and they too have a light grey wash along with the black painted claws. 

A close up of his head. The cybernetic eye was really well done. There's sculpted detail on the exterior. On the interior is a small painted, circular lens.

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, swivel hinge left wrist, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can hardly look up or down. His cannon arm is quite heavy and sometimes drops down when raised. 

Comparison shots.

Titus is a nice figure. Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

Hi, which Spider-Man was that in one of your photos, with Titus?

Tom Boy said...

That Spider-Man is the Ultimate Spider-Man (Parker) from the Space Venom wave.

J Hernandez said...

Awesome as always!

Jason said...

Yup it's the Ultimate Spider-man. Thanks Tom Boy for helping to reply.
Thanks Kim and J Hernandez for the kind words!