Monday, June 9, 2014

400th Post: Batman Collection

It's the 400th post! This year being the 75th Anniversary of Batman, I thought I'll share my Batman collection. That includes partners and villains. I'll top what's being exhibited at the museum currently. Lol! Just kidding! I only have a small collection now. Let's get to it shall we. 

Some of you will know that I love the various animated series. The bulk of my Batman figures are based on those. You may have seen them when I put up my DC Animated Collection for my 100th post. I won't be going through those. Click the link to check it out.

New figures from Batman: the Animated Series and the New Batman Adventures will be released by DC Collectibles this year. They will be in the 6" scale. I'm still debating if I should get them. Space is an issue.

Here's a shot of various animated style Batman figures together.

So with the bulk of my figures already covered. What's left? Let's see... Here's some from the DC Infinite Heroes line. They are in the 3.75" scale. I wanted this line to work with Marvel Universe. I love having characters from different properties interacting with each other. The figures in this line are smaller and are not as articulated. They are still nice figures. They look great especially when you have a bunch of them together. Hmmm... Maybe I'll pull out the collection for a future post.

Next up are what I have from Mattel's various Batman and DC 6" lines. Ranging from DC Super Heroes to Club Infinite Earths. The Select Sculpt series 3 figure (below right) is what I use for display. I love the sculpt and the shading. And I prefer blue over black.

If I needed a black cape and cowl I'll use the Batman Legacy figure. (below right)

Preferably I would have liked to use this one from the Select Sculpt series but he's rather costly to open. They share the same body. The head sculpts are different obviously and there are paint differences. 

Then of course there's the New 52 version. He doesn't get out much as my collection is mainly of the old DC. There are two versions of this figure. Pictured below is the one from Batman Unlimited which has shiny paint. The one from DCUC All Stars has matte paint.

Moving on to some Batman related characters. Here's Robin.


Batmite.... What's this!?! Batmite gets featured but there's no Nightwing, Huntress or Azrael etc... yeah I just realised that while I was typing... 

Next up is the rogues gallery. I'm glad Mattel managed to release most of the major villains.

Ra's Al Ghul gets a solo feature cause he got left out of the group pic... The DC Direct Trinity Ra's was what I used before Mattel came out with theirs. I prefer that head sculpt. Mattel's head sculpt lacks the "distinguished" presence shall we say. I use it for scale reasons. I don't have a Batman movie figure collection. I keep movie Ra's around for his suit.

That's about it for my Batman collection. I told you it was small. Before I go, here's a shot of my Animated Batmobiles.

As always, thanks for viewing!


Hobgoblin238 said...

Awesome stuff!

Unknown said...

Awesomely cool collection!

LEon said...

Wow your bat collection is impressive!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Great post- nice collection!

Kal said...

Beautiful stuff there. I love that animated style.

Kal said...

Beautiful stuff there. I love that animated style.

TOYS R COOL said...

Congratz and thanks on your 400th post! Impressive batman collection! That Robin on the right of the photo looks that DC Direct? Thanks for sharing and keep on blogging.

Jason said...

Thanks all!