Saturday, January 18, 2014

Marvel Legends Infinite Series The Amazing Spider-man

It's time for your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man!

This figure is based on his appearance in the upcoming Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. The costume looks so much better than from the first movie. It's similar to the comic costume. One noticeable difference is that the legs on the spider logo on the front and back are longer. The figure is all new and it was very well sculpted. There's lots of great detail. The lines of his costume were sculpted and the blue areas are textured. I love the colour tones. My figure has some paint rubs here and there but the paint is good overall.

For those thinking of swapping the head with Peter Parker's from the Walmart Unmasked Spider-man figure, I've got bad news. The head cannot be attached unless you significantly widen the peg hole.  

He comes with an extra pair of interchangeable web shooting hands.

He's got great articulation. There's a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, chest expansion, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, calf swivel and ankle hinge and pivot.

Comparison shots. I think this is the best movie Spider-man figure.

Great figure. He's not going to replace my McFarlane / Campbell Spider-man though. Thanks for viewing! 


Colbey Hopper said...

Love, Love, Love the articulation on this guy. You did a great job showing that off with your pictures. Can't wait to find one in the store that has a decent paint job to the chest/face area. The two I've seen thus far were all jacked up.

Sunny Bunny said...

Where exactly did you find him?

Jim Ho said...

Been sometime since I last impressed by another spidey. Just so much this spidey can stretch on for the poses. Cool....

Jason said...

@Colbey - Thanks! Hope you find one to your liking soon. It's a great figure!

@Sunny - I got him at TRU.

@ Jim - Yup! One of the best classic looking Spideys in recent times.

deSMOnd said...

Very articulated figure and nice poses there..

Alexx said...

BAH, I was telling myself not to buy another Spider-Man since the McFarlane one...but good god, that one looks fantastic! I also love that the guy can finally be allowed to make some fists.