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Anime Festival Asia 2013 (AFA13)

Sorry for the wait. Having an extra day of AFA this year adds another couple of hundred pics to sort through you know. Lol. Let's get to it.  

Here are the galleries for those who just want to see pics:

Cosplay (General)
Cosplay Singles Competition

AFA was back at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. This was my first visit there since it was renovated. I love the multi-screen wall at the front. Perhaps next time we can watch anime on it. Lol. 

The Gunpla and Tamashii Nations booth was the first thing you see upon entering the exhibition hall. Showcased lines include Gundam, S.H.Figuarts, Chogokin, Robot Spirits and Saint Seiya.

Bandai had some AFA exclusives for sale in the Figuarts Zero Zoro (New World) and the Robot Spirits Nu Gundam.

They also had some good deals available. SG$20 Figuarts Luffy certainly caught my attention. I didn't buy it for fear of wanting to get more characters after that. Other items of interest to me were the Robot Spirits Doraemon and the Figuarts Silver Crow.

Good Smile Company was back. They had a bigger booth this time and it was easier to view their displays.

The upcoming figma Attack on Titan Eren Yeager was on display. I would have placed an order for this if I hadn't missed the pre-order for Mikasa. Oh well, that's for not keeping up with various series when they're released.

They had some items for sale, including exclusives like the Nendoroid Nyaruko Maid version and Nendoroid Misaka.

Megahouse had a booth too. You could get Naruto, Gintama and One Piece figures from them.

Kids Logic had mostly Iron Man figures on display.

Their upcoming 12" Super Street Fighter IV Akuma and Optimus Prime looked really good.

You can see more images of the above and other toy booths in the gallery.

There were lots of other things to see and do besides the toys. I'll just be touching on some of them. One of the highlights of the event was the Attack on Titan 1:1 scale Titan head. It may just be a plastic model but you can get a sense of what the characters in the series are up against.

There seemed to be always something on whenever I passed the Horipro booth. May'n, Azusa Tadokoro, Ayaka Ohashi and Valerie made regular appearances and I would stay awhile to watch.

The Manga Festival in Singapore booth was an interesting place to check out. They had various manga which you can browse through and you can also view original works by various creators. 

The Animax booth offered free photo taking. You could choose one of six anime backgrounds. And you could get a free Space Dandy bag with a Coppelion poster when you had your photo taken.

Canon had several photo booths with large backdrops for you to take photos in. What's great was after you took your photo, you can have them print out a copy for you for free. And if you like, you could submit your photo for a contest. 

If you were lucky, you could also catch the guests cosplayers at the booths.


There was a mini stage in the exhibition hall. I like it being there as it allowed you to catch some of the invited guests without having to fork out the extra $10 to access the main stage area. A downside is that the audience area is quite small and it was a pain to get there when the hall was crowded. 

The Cosplay Singles Competition was held there on Day 2. The winner is pictured below. I think it's a Monster Hunter character. 

The AFA Regional Cosplay Championship was held at the main stage on Day 3. No photography and recording was allowed unfortunately. They did allow us to take the group photo at the end.

Indonesia was the winner, Philippines second and Singapore third.

Lastly, the cosplayers. They were out in force over the weekend. So too the photographers. 

Here's just a couple of them. Click on images to enlarge.  

That's it from me for AFA13. There's lots of other things I didn't touch on but you can see more in the galleries:

Cosplay (General)
Cosplay Singles Competition

I wasn't in a good shape physically going into the event so I couldn't cover as much as I would have liked. Still I enjoyed myself and I look forward to next year's edition.

Thanks for viewing!

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