Sunday, December 23, 2012

McDonald's Young Justice Batman & Superman

Happy Holidays all! Its been awhile... have been busy. I got some free time upcoming and I hope to put up a couple more posts before the new year. Starting with the Young Justice Batman and Superman Happy Meal toys from McDonalds.  

I got these two hoping they could fit in with the 4" line from Mattel. Unfortunately they cannot. I like that the figures have some bulk to them. Superman has got a decent sculpt. He is the better figure of the two. Batman's look is affected by his large lip and oversized limbs. Theres some nice detail on his costume. The lines on his suit which are a feature of the Young Justice Batman are sculpted on.

Superman's gimmick is to raise his arms when you push the button on his back.

You can position his arms at certain levels and you can also move his head up and down.

For Batman, push the Bat logo and his cape will spring up. Hes now all set to swoop down on villains. Aside from the arms moving up and down, the only other articulation point is the neck which can be fully rotated.  

The figures are shorter than those from Mattel. I would have loved to add Superman to the collection. The Mattel one is pretty costly. Don't even get me started on Artemis. 

The Young Justice toys together with the Strawberry Shortcake ones are this month's Happy Meal offerings from McDonalds. Superman was last week's figure and Batman is currently available. We are only getting four of the Young Justice toys. In the US they had eight. Aqualad, Black Manta, Kid Flash and Captain Cold are the ones missing. 

Image taken from McDonalds Singapore site

Right, that's all for now. Thanks for viewing!