Thursday, January 26, 2012

DC Action League Series 4

Love these figures. Would have preferred if there were less of them with outstretched arms. Its tougher to display them.   

Batman Vs Bronze Tiger

Batman is the same figure as the one released in Series 2. Great figure. He is still the only character to feature ball and hinge shoulders. 

Bronze Tiger was to have been released in the Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League line but wasn't. Great that he eventually made it. I'm not sure that if its the same figure as the one that showed up online.  Anyway, this is a decent figure. Pretty good paint and detail. Like the tiger stripes at the top of his gloves and boots. And also the teeth painted on his face.   

Martian Manhuinter & Deadman

Like the sculpt of Martian Manhunter. Unfortunately, the pants spoils the look for me. I'm probably just too used to him being in trunks. I also don't mind the full body costume but this just puts me off. He looks more like a pirate to me. His cape weighs him down and he tends to fall backwards. To counter this, just extend his arms outwards.

Deadman is a nice figure. He's made mostly of translucent plastic, giving him a ghostly appearance. Theres some nice detail on him like the wrinkles on his face. His feet are sculpted together and there are some waves around them. To me, it seems like he has just risen from the ground and the waves are his abilities in action. Due to the collar, you can only turn his head a little either side. 

Professor Zoom Vs The Flash

Professor Zoom is the same figure as the Flash from Series 1, except that he's wearing reverse colours. Having the two racing side by side makes for a good display. 

You can tell that this Flash is again Barry Allen from the style of his belt.  I like his thinner face compared to the Series 1 version. He comes with a whirlwind accessory which can be placed on his outstretched arm. Its a pretty cool accessory as thats one of the manoeuvres he uses. The feet are warped on my figure and he has trouble standing.  

Arkillo & Sinestro

Sinestro comes in his Sinestro Corps costume. Wonder when they'll release him in my preferred classic costume of blue an black. He has the same pose as the White Lantern version which was released in Series 1. This figure is smaller though. I like the shade of red used for his skin.

Arkillo is a bigger sized figure and is well sculpted. Like the teeth. He looks mean and cute at the same time. He's a great addition. 



The Lantern figures in the line so far. There's also a half green half blue Hal not pictured. The Guardian came in a Green Lantern movie pack.  

This is another great bunch of figures. Next up is Series 5 which is the Flashpoint wave. I don't usually like characters in costumes outside of my preferred versions. I doubt I'll be getting the whole wave this time. 

Check out the figures from previous waves:

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