Sunday, December 4, 2011

Justice League Unlimited 7-Pack

The Justice League Unlimited (JLU) line has been on the brink of death many times before. But this time it may truly be the end. This seven figures are said to be the last of the line. They are Gypsy, The Creeper, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Crimson Avenger, Speedy and Dr Midnight. 

Love the packaging. Its covered with many of the previously released figures. No villains though, unless you consider Lobo to be one. It's impressive to look at.

First up is Gypsy. Good head sculpt. Like her raised hair and the scarf that is used for it. She has a similar body to Mary Marvel. The difference is Gypsy is barefooted. With sculpted toes too. The figure is more stable and has a narrower stance which helps with her skirt. It still looks a bit oversized but she doesn't look as bad as Tala. The belt helps with that too. Love her bright colours. Overall, she is a very good figure.       


The Creeper is a decent looking figure. Just that the head is a little small. The likeness is there, but I feel he doesn't have a wild enough look. He looks more like someone on Joker serum, which was how he came to be in TNBA series actually. Come to think of it, he looks a bit like Tim Drake in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, when the Joker was trying to make him one of his own. The fur on his back is nicely sculpted and it is not removeable.    

Comparison with the TNBA version. The TNBA version has a wilder look about him. Think some black paint applied to the mouth should make the JLU figure look better.   

Don't know anything about Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt. So after a quick check on wiki, found out that Thunderbolt is a genie which Johnny can command and that they were members of the JSA. Johnny is oversized and stands above the likes of Superman and Atom Smasher. The head is big but looks good. He looks abit like James Marsters. Good for a Spike custom, or maybe a Smallville Braniac. 

Thunderbolt is nicely done. He's something different from the usual JLU figures. Like the look of the body. A nice blend of solid and translucent parts. There's rotation at the waist so his "tail" can be positioned in whatever direction you want. He needs a base to stand and its good that two were provided, one for him and one for Gypsy. But really we should get seven bases as all the figures have trouble standing.        

Would have preferred if Crimson Avenger was in a red trenchcoat, like how he appeared in the cartoon. But I'm fine with this look too. He's also a pretty big figure. With a smaller sized head, he looks less of a giant than Johnny. More proportianate. A pretty good figure. Would have liked if he had a gun accessory.    

Speedy is rather odd looking. The torso is different from the regular JLU figures. Its short and rounded, almost like a ball. Along with thin arms and legs, he looks out of proportion. The head is nice but its a little too big. The red of his costume are painted differently. The torso is matte while the gloves and legs are gloss. He doesn't come with the bow, he borrowed it from the Young Justice Speedy. 

Not much to say about Dr Midnight except that he's a great figure. Nice sculpt and proportionate. I think he's the best looking figure in this 7-pack. Like the colours. He fits in well with the other JSA members. 

Just some pics with the new figures.

"Prepare for emergency teleport!"

Before Atom Smasher, there was Johnny Thunder.

"Still got that quantum arrow?"

"Just get Harley already!"

Are these the final figures to be released? I hope not. Not having seen what was shown at Toy Fair and not having got the previously announced unreleased figures. I'm hoping for one more final release with Vandal Savage, Static etc. Be it in a pack or through multiple 3-packs. If the line ended after that, I would be happier.    


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Great pics- i still love these figures, the styling is unique & fun!

Unknown said...

I love Justice League Unlimited Figures.
I'm from Germany and when you want I buy All your JLU Figures.